Pitbull Price – How Much Does A Pitbull Cost?

Pitbulls carry a somewhat negative public perception which is completely unjustified considering they are fantastically loyal and loving household companions.

If you are interested in owning a Pitbull, you likely have wondered what the Pitbull price is.

We’re here to help by outlining the initial cost and all the other main costs you can expect to house a Pitbull.

Pitbulls will cost in the region of $800 to $2,500 as a puppy. We’d say the average is in the region of $1,650, with variations in cost depending on the breed variety and bloodline.

Pitbull Price

Other costs to consider include accessories, insurance, nursery, and walking costs which form a considerable annual bill.

It is important to properly budget for raising a Pitbull to ensure they don’t become a financial burden and that you can provide them with a healthy lifestyle.

Read on to learn more about the true cost of having a Pitbull.

Pitbull Price Range

The initial cost of purchasing a Pitbull depends on the variety of the breed that you purchase and the quality of the breeder.

In addition to purchasing the puppy, various other initial costs are required to ensure you are well-equipped for the puppy’s needs.

The cost ranges are explained in the table below.

Item Price RangeAverage Price
Pitbull Puppy$800 to $2500$1650
Food Bowls$5 to $20$15
Dog Collars$5 to $40$15
ID Tag$5 to $20$10
Dog Bed$20 to $85$35
Dog Crate$30 to $120$55
Poop Bags$15 to $45$55
House Training Pads$15 to $45$25
Toys$15 to $50$30
First Aid Kit$15 to $50$30
Dog leash $5 to $20$10
Total $1930

On average, you can expect the total initial costs of a Pitbull puppy to cost $1,930.

Factors That Affect The Pitbull Price

How Much Does A Pitbull Cost

Many factors affect the price of a Pitbull. The majority of these factors are out of your control so you should be aware of them. These factors are all explored in detail below.

Breeder’s Reputation

The reputation and quality of the breeder that you purchase your Pitbull from will impact the level of cost. Reputable breeders will charge more for their Pitbulls compared to factory breeders.

While you may be surprised at the fairly high cost for desirable breeders, this cost is justified.

Before you receive your puppy from the breeder, they will have conducted numerous health screenings to test for any genetic health conditions or defects.

There is a well-known issue with inbreeding for purebred Pitbulls so you can be reassured that reputable breeders will not have this issue.

Quality breeders will also save you a job by vaccinating the puppies before they are sold.

Also, they will provide initial training and socialization so that they have a solid foundation and can integrate well into their new household.

Health screenings, vaccination, training, and socialization are all investments made by the breeder which they will want to be recompensed through the cost of each puppy sold.

Therefore the prices will be higher when you purchase from a reputable breeder.

Breed’s Popularity

The breed’s popularity will also impact the price. Dog breed trends are always subject to change so if you time it right you may buy a Pitbull variety that is yet to be trendy so that you can save some pennies.

The breed trends may be localized to the area in which you are based, so the cost can simply follow the rules of supply and demand.

Smaller Pitbull dog breeds have become increasingly trendy. Particularly for city dwellers who don’t have so much space for their dog to roam in a flat.

Dog breeds that are Instragram-able will also fetch a higher price than less photogenic breed varieties.

Pitbulls used as guard dogs or farm dogs are more popular in rural areas so can fetch a higher local price.

Pitbulls Costs


A bloodline refers to a breed variety that descends from a specific sire to maintain and evolve certain desired characteristics and traits.

Within the Pitbull umbrella, many famous bloodlines will cost more than less well-known bloodlines.

The perk of buying from a reputable bloodline is the guarantee of the Pitbull has certain physical or behavioral traits that owners desire.

These may include having a muscular build or large head, or a calm and curious temperament.

This guarantee comes at a price as the traits you desire will certainly be desired by other owners, allowing breeders of specific bloodlines to boost the price.


If a breeder has gone beyond the normal steps of vaccinations, health checks, and training, but also register their dogs with kennel clubs as evidence of their pedigree, the cost of the puppy can also increase.

The paperwork and admin fees to register the pedigree costs money and this cost needs to be transferred to the paying customers.

Pedigree certification is important if you wish to get your Pitbull involved in competitions and dog shows, which is why it is a desirable certification for many owners.

Whether You Buy From A Breeder Or A Pet Store

The location where you purchase a Pitbull will also affect the price you pay. Dogs that are found and purchased from pet stores will be more affordable compared to dogs that are purchased from a breeder’s kennel.

Although price is an important consideration when purchasing a puppy, you should ask yourself why dogs are cheaper from a pet store compared to a breeder.

The majority of pet stores will purchase puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills are often illegal or unethical businesses that focus on breeding as many puppies as possible to sell for profit.

Pitbull From Pet Store

The dogs raised in this environment live in poor conditions and the puppies produced often have health issues.

Puppy mills don’t tend to conduct health checks, vaccinate or socialize their dogs before selling them.

While you could fetch a cheap price of $500 for a Pitbull puppy raised in these environments, the risk of health issues will add more costs in the long run.

We recommend you don’t buy a puppy on the cheap.

Unique Coat Color

Another factor that impacts the price of a Pitbull is the coat color. The Pitbull has a vast array of color options and patterns including merle, brindle, black, white, and tricolor.

Some of these colors are rarer than others so will get a higher price per puppy.

Although many of the rarer Pitbull colors are not accepted by the United Kennel Club or American Kennel Club, they are still sought-after so will be available at a higher price compared to more common colors.

Pitbull Dog Price

As mentioned the bloodline and coat color can impact the price you will need to pay to get a Pitbull. Below we explore various types of Pitbull and outline the expected price for each.

Blue Nose Pitbull Price

A Blue Nose Pitbull is an American Pitbull Terrier that is purebred. It looks very similar to what you would expect a Pitbull to look like. The main distinguishing feature though is the fact that it has a blue nose.

While the rest of the appearance is fairly common, the uniqueness and increasing popularity of the blue nose means that puppies of this variety can cost up to $3000. This would be the price when purchased from a reputable breeder.

Red Nose Pitbull Price

Red Nose Pitbull Price

Similar to a Blue Nose, Red Nose Pitbulls look like classic Pitbulls but have a red nose and gold complexion.

This variety of Pitbull is more common than Blue Nose Pitbulls so will fetch a price nearer a standard Pitbull of $2000.

As they are common, you may get a greater price range as there will be a larger pool of breeders that will range in quality.

Merle Pitbull Price

Merle is an unusual color for dogs of all breeds. The color is caused by dilution of the merle gene which impacts pigmentation of the coat, ears, eyes, and skin.

For Pitbulls, the merle color occurs when they only have one merle gene. It causes a unique merle pattern that includes eyes of different colors. This style is highly desired by dog lovers due to its uniqueness.

Merle Pitbulls are rare and therefore cost a significant sum of money. Compared to a standard Pitbull their price is typically two or three times higher, so we could be looking at $6000 as an average.

Some who have particularly rare Merle features can even cost up to $30,000 per puppy.

While the Merle variety has a beautiful and rare appearance, they often have many health issues due to the merle gene. On top of the higher initial cost, you can expect to spend more time at vets and rack up more costs.

International breeding of Merle Pitbulls is frowned upon due to known health issues.

Pitbull Blue Price

Although Blue Nose Pitbulls can be considered in the Blue Pitbull category due to the bluish, grayish tint on the nose, they are not true blue Pitbulls that look different.

In addition to a blue nose, true blue Pitbulls have a bluish coat color. These additional blue features do not dramatically increase the price so they can also expect to cost around $3,000 per puppy.

Black Pitbull Price

Black Pitbull Price

Although black is common to coat color to feature in Pitbulls, full jet black Pitbulls are rare as the majority will have some white streaks in the fur.

Finding Pitbulls in one clear color is rare so finding a full black variety will increase the price. This variety is very difficult to find so you’ll unlikely one near to you.

If you do locate a reputable breeder of Black Pitbulls the price can vary dramatically based on the bloodlines that the variety descends from.

At the lower end, you can expect to pay that of a standard Pitbull at $2,000, while premium Black Pitbulls will cost up to $20,000.

Tri-Color Pitbull Price

Tri-color Pitbulls are those which have three colors mixed across the coat. These dogs are fairly rare varieties of Pitbull and will range from $2,000 to $5,000 in price.

The price will go up if particularly rare colors or patterns are found, but they will cost less than other rarer varieties.

Brindle Pitbull Price

Although brindle is known as a recessive gene, brindle is not a rare color for Pitbull varieties. It is fairly common and found in tri-color and bicolor varieties and patterns.

As the color is quite common, brindle Pitbull prices will change depending on the reputation of the breeder and bloodline rather than the color itself. An average brindle Pitbull price will be around the $2,000 to $3,000 mark.

Brindles do come in a few color varieties, ranging from brown, black, red, cream, or blue brindle.

Blue Fawn Pitbull Price

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are rarer than many other Pitbull varieties so you can expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 to get one of these colors.

The cost comes as it is a challenge to breed with very reputable breeders out there who can breed this variety well.

How Much Does A Pitbull Cost Per Month?

Once you purchase a Pitbull you should be aware that the costs of housing will continue each month. You have to navigate its living costs and expenses and budget accordingly.

During their first year of existence, Pitbulls will require higher costs compared to the rest of their life. These costs include vets, accessories, equipment, and insurance.

After the large initial costs, you can expect the average living costs to stretch to $110 per month, with some months more costly than others.

A significant expense is on dog supplies which you may not have regarded as a significant sum. However, as there is a range of prices and quality for supplies such as food, equipment, and accessories, there are ways of saving money.

Pitbull Costs

Purchasing quality is key but doesn’t feel like you need to buy the most expensive item for every dog product.

Consider second-hand shopping and prioritizing premium products for those that impact their physical and mental well-being such as food.

Pitbulls will need plenty of stimulation through toys. Some Pitbulls can be picky and prefer certain brands over others.

Below, we detail various costs that will impact your monthly household budget.

Training Costs

Investing in training and socialization is a necessary cost when purchasing a Pitbull.

Unless you have experience in training Pitbulls yourself, the social nature of group training can be a great learning environment for Pitbulls who can be a little stubborn at first.

Training is important for letting your Pitbull feel like a pack leader which gives them the confidence to develop their skills. Contacting a professional for initial advice or doing a trial session is recommended.

Professional dog trainers offer training packages to reduce costs. Three to five lessons could cost around $550 to $800 while five group sessions will cost less around $150 to $200.

Training them by yourself will reduce this expense but you need to have confidence that you know what you’re doing.

Poor early years training can cause temperamental issues down the line and may make the experience of owning a Pitbull a challenging one.

Professional obedience training and socialization are recommended for American Pitbull Terriers, as this is a stubborn and strong breed that can be aggressive toward other dogs and pets.

Dog Insurance Costs

Dog insurance is not compulsory but recommended for owners of Pitbulls. It can often be offered by breeders at the initial purchase price and protects you in case any issues occur down the line.

Individual medical expenses can stack up if you don’t purchase insurance. Many vets will offer bespoke insurance packages for you to consider.

The typical cost of dog insurance that covers illnesses and accidents is around $565 per year. This is on the premium end and will cover the vast majority of expenses.

Cheaper insurance options are available which will cover accidents only, costing around $190 per year. Although this doesn’t cover any Pitbull illnesses, it covers the costs of any accident-caused injuries they endure.

Before committing to insurance coverage, compare the market to find the best value option.

Food Costs

Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs so will need moderate food costs. On average, a Pitbull will consume 140 pounds of kibble per year, and breaking this found down compared to human food, it has a higher unit cost.

As Pitbull’s grow they will consume more food so depending on their size, the total food consumed could be more than 200 pounds per year.

Pitbull Puppy Food Cost

There are many varieties of dog food that range significantly in price and quality, making a total expected cost per month ranging from $20 to $80.

We appreciate households will have different budgets allocated for dog foods, but where possible quality foods need to be prioritized to ensure your Pitbull is receiving good quality nutrition.

Try to find a good blend of affordability and quality to ensure you don’t need to break the bank to serve your Pitbull each day.

Grooming Costs

Pitbulls are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. As the breed is short-haired and quick to shed, they need minimal grooming care. A weekly brush will normally suffice, but this may increase to every few days when they are shedding.

If you want your Pitbull professionally groomed, a yearly cycle may include up to 6 visits per year. Though for Pitbulls, two visits a year would be perfectly fine.

The cost of professional groomers will vary but could range from $40 to $55 per visit, costing over $300 if you visit six times.

Compared to other costs, grooming is an area where you can save due to the coat characteristics of Pitbulls.

License And Microchipping Costs

Some states may make it mandatory for you to get a license for your Pitbull due to ongoing concerns about the breed. This will protect you in areas where they may query your ownership of a Pitbull.

Microchipping is increasingly popular and is also mandatory in some states. This ensures your dog can always be tracked and monitored.

A license for a Pitbull is a minimal expense, costing $10 to $20. Microchipping is also fairly cheap costing $25 to $50 as a one-off payment.

Dog Walking

As many dog owners do not have the time during the week to walk their dogs, dog walking businesses are increasingly popular in towns and cities.

Pitbulls require plenty of daily exercise and stimulation so if you’re unable to walk them yourself, you should pay for a dog walker.

Paying a dog walker is fairly affordable, with typical prices costing $20 per hour. Some firms will also offer 15 mins or 30 mins prices.

As Pitbulls can sometimes react negatively to other dogs, they should be walked alone and not as a pack with other dogs. Dog-walking firms should be aware of this demand and plan accordingly.

While the cost of dog walking is fairly cheap as a one-off, it will stack up if you use the service daily.

Medical Costs

The final expense to be aware of when raising a Pitbull is medical expenses. These are generally split into first-year and yearly medical expenses.

First Year Medical Expenses

During a Pitbulls first year, they should visit a vet at least three times. The first visit is normally around 8 weeks of age and should be done by a breeder before they are sold.

Each vet visit will cost in the region of $65 to $170 depending on the services provided. The first-year services include vaccinations, fecal examination, and flea and heartworm preventative medicine.

Spaying or neutering also occur during a Pitbulls first year of life and this will cost an additional $100 to $300.

Yearly Medical Expenses

As your Pitbull becomes an adult, it should have at least one check-up per year. During these visits, the vet will give a full health scan, and provide any required vaccinations and deworming.

These visits cost more than puppy visits and will range from $125 to $265 per visit.

As dogs become older, vet visit costs increase. This is due to the complexity of the procedures done. Older dogs need feces tests, blood tests, and more in-depth examinations.

Are Pitbulls Expensive?

Hopefully, this article has given you insight into the expected initial costs, monthly and yearly costs you can expect to pay for a Pitbull.

The question of whether Pitbulls are expensive is relative to each individual, but be sure to know that owning a Pitbull will add a significant expense to your monthly household expenses.

In truth, compared to other dog breeds Pitbulls are fairly low to moderate in price. Like any breed, rare varieties will cost astronomical prices, but the average Pitbull puppy will cost around $1,650.

The price of a puppy can differ based on various factors including the breeder’s reputation, bloodline, and color.

Pitbulls are low-cost in terms of grooming but investments in early training and socialization are recommended to ensure they are obedient and become the loving household companions you desire.

A significant annual expense is food so we recommend you do your research on best value foods for Pitbulls to ensure you provide your pup with quality nutrition while not paying over the odds.

Affordable versions of food, equipment, and insurance are available for you to consider if you want to reduce costs, but try to avoid cutting too many corners as poor investments into the wellbeing of your Pitbull can lead to greater expenses down the line.


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