Pitbull Bloodlines (With Pictures)

Understanding Pitbull bloodlines is important for those who own or adopt a Pitbull.

The history of the breed can be a bit complicated and many don’t know that Pitbulls are not a single breed but rather contains numerous breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and American Bully.

Pitbull Bloodline

There are various well-known bloodlines for Pitbulls which have a unique temperaments, features, body structures, history, strengths, and weaknesses.

Although these differences are present, most Pitbull bloodlines produce dogs that are amenable, loyal, fun, and strong.

In this article, we will outline the most popular Pitbull bloodlines to give you insights into the varieties available. Read on the learn more.

Understanding Bloodlines

The purpose of bloodlines is to ensure certain desirable traits are maintained and enhanced.

If you’re interested in knowing more about bloodline breeding practices, you should get in touch with an ethical breeder who can explain the process.

Ethical Pitbull breeders have an unrivaled knowledge of the breed and differences between bloodlines. Knowing this information will help guide you in the process if you are looking for a Pitbull with certain characteristics.

Popular Pitbull Bloodlines

Understanding Pitbull Bloodlines

1. Colby Pitbulls

The Colby Pitbull blood originated around 100 years ago. The bloodline is loved for its strong physical features and temperament, making it a popular bloodline for household companion Pitbulls.

Physical Appearance

The Colby Pitbull bloodline is the purest, oldest, and now rarest Pitbull bloodline. A summary of the bloodline’s physical characteristics is found below.

Neck and Shoulders: The Colby Pitbull neck is of moderate length. As the bloodline is particularly muscular, the shoulders are toned and very well-defined with wide-sloping blades.

Weight and Height: The stocky muscular build makes Colby Pitbulls heavy for their size. The body is proportioned well with adults typically weighing 40 to 50 pounds. Female Colby Pitbulls reach 17 to 18 inches in height while males will reach 18 to 19 inches.

Tail: Despite the bloodline generating Pitbulls with a powerful build, the tail of Colby Pitbulls is very small and not particularly threatening.

Head: Colby Pitbulls have a medium-length head which is a heavy set. The skull is bulkier and broader compared to other bloodlines.

Coat: Perhaps the most impressive and distinctive feature of the Colby bloodline is the lustrous coat. Similar to other bloodlines, this beautiful coat will shed lots and will require frequent grooming. A diet with plenty of omega-3 is needed to maintain a smooth and shiny coat.

2. Old Family Red Nose

The Old Family Red Nose bloodline has a history dating back over 150 years.

The bloodline originated from Ireland in the 19th Century and is the consequence of in-breeding from a Pitbull breed known as the ‘Old Family’.

The Red Nose Pitbull is very popular due to its red coat, and fun and loving nature. Red Nose Pitbulls are brilliant household companions and have a particular love for kids.

Physical Appearance

The distinctive physical characteristic of the Red Nose Pitbull is copper, red and brown fur, lips, and nails. The eyes are a rich amber color which is hard to ignore.

Build: Old Family Red Nose Pitbulls are very stocky and athletic in build. Their body is bigger and bulkier compared to other Pitbull bloodlines.

Head: Another unique feature of this bloodline is the chiseled head which is very broad and tough with strong jaws.

Weight and Height: Males of this bloodline can reach up to 22 inches in height, while females can vary from 17 to 20 inches. In terms of weight, males weigh up to 29 kg and females are smaller reaching a maximum of 23kg.

3. Jeep Bloodline

This breed originates from a dog named ‘Crenshaw’s Jeep’ who was a very muscular, black-nosed male American Pitbull Terrier.

The dog owner was named James Crenshaw, a Jeep was born in 1976. Crenshaw’s Jeep was regarded as the best Pitbull fighter in unofficial circles, with the bloodline then creating various other champions until his passing at age 13.

Physical Appearance

There are many key features of the Jeep Bloodline which are presented below.

Eyes and Head: The Jeep bloodline has small, deep-set eyes which are smaller compared to other bloodlines. The head size is approximately two-thirds of the shoulder width.

Shoulder and Ribcage: The Jeep bloodline is known for having a wide ribcage and muscular build. The deep-set ribcage is a particularly unique feature that nicely supports the relatively small forearms.

Hips: The hips of this bloodline are long in shape and sloped to well-suit the muscular physique. The back is very well-toned and flat which compliments the overall breed aesthetic.

Tail and Leg: Compared to other bloodlines, the tail is long reaching just above the hock. The tail is pretty stiff and can be held down like the handle of a pump. The tail is long and ends just above the hock; it’s also very stiff and holds down like a pump handle. The femur bone is fairly short, measuring one-third of the back leg.

Coat: The Jeep bloodline is not known for having a shiny coat, but rather it is short-haired with bristles. This may appear less desirable compared to other Pitbull bloodlines.

Pitbulls Bloodlines

4. Gottiline

The Gottiline bloodline was pioneered by Richard Barajas in Los Angeles, California.

At his West Side Kennels, Barajas used a sire named Juan Gotty to have his first litter at 7 months. Gotty is one of the most celebrated American Bullies and has gone on to sire over 1,000 dogs.

Spotting Gottiline Pitbulls is very easy due to the intense bulk. These dogs are extremely powerful with plenty of energy to burn.

They require plenty of time to train. Despite the somewhat aggressive and intimidating appearance, Gottiline Pitbulls are very friendly and fun.

Physical Appearance

The Gottiline’s physical appearance is explained below.

Head: The head of Gottilines is the toughest and most fierce physical feature. The head is built like a brick and makes them stand out compared to other Pitbulls.

Neck: The Gottiline Pitbull neck is strongly defined. It seamlessly blends into the thickset chest, giving the bloodline a very bulky and stocky appearance. Although this physique may suggest the dogs are lethargic, they are very active and can run fast.

5. Razor’s Edge

If you ever thought Pitbulls are aggressive dogs that are capable of fighting or catching a game, the Razor’s Edge bloodline is the complete opposite in temperament.

This beautiful bloodline creates wonderful household companions who are loyal and loving.

The stereotype of Pitbulls being aggressive can be hard to shake off due to their intimidating appearance. Razor’s Edge Pitbulls are more of the tamest Pitbull bloodlines available.

Physical Appearance

Razor’s Edge is the American Bully variety of Pitbulls and therefore has a unique physical appearance.

Head: The Razor’s Edge head is known for being large and blocky with a short blocky muzzle.

Build: This bloodline has large, heavy bones compared to the other Pitbull bloodlines. Despite the slim body, the chest is broad with a short back.

Coat: Despite the texture of the Razor’s Edge coat being stiff and coarse, it is glossy and short in length.

6. Monster G

The Monster G bloodline is one of the most popular Pitbull bloodlines. Derived from New Troijan Kennels, the original sire is Monster G. Monster G was an agile guard dog who had a very friendly temperament.

The Monster G bloodline is also known for being athletic and loves exercising including chasing balls.

Monster G originates from the Greyline which means this bloodline contains some Greyline temperament and physical traits. Although many may be put off by the intimidating appearance, Monster G Pitbulls are also very calm in temperament.

Physical Appearance

The key physical traits of Pitbulls are explained below.

Build: Monster in name, monster in nature. The build of this bloodline is heavy and wide set, with a strong bone structure. The build makes them particularly intimidating as guard dogs.

Head: The Monster G head is large and stocky with a short muzzle which is carried from the Greyline bloodline.

Shoulders and Chest: Monster G Pitbulls have wide shoulders and a wide chest, making them look very broad. This makes them very unique and desirable in appearance.

7. X-Pert

Known for being one of the oldest American Staffordshire bloodlines, the X-Pert bloodline is very popular.

The bloodline originated in 1930 from breeders Clifford and Alberta Ormsby. During their day, it only costs $5 to buy a bully, which is peanuts compared to nowadays. However, the breeding standards were considerably weaker compared to modern-day expectations.

Back then, bullies had narrow chests, flat feet, and bowed legs. The appearance was somewhat undershot and the dogs had very unreliable temperaments.

The X-Pert bloodline started from a female known as Ormsby’s Madge who was purchased from Texas. The sire for Ormsby’s Madge was from a well-known Pitbull named Bennet’s Mack who derived from the popular Smith and Tudor line.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of X-Pert bloodlines is found below.

Build: The X-Pert build is very muscular and stocky. They are known for having good strength, power, and agility.

Jaws: The bloodline has a very defined jawline with strong biting power. Despite this, the dogs are very calm and humble and will not be an aggressor.

Balance: The dogs in this bloodline have a low gravity center which ensures they have great balance when jumping up and down.

Different Pitbull Bloodlines

8. Ruffian

The sire in this bloodline was known as Ch. The Ruffian. The bloodline can be traced back to Peggy Harper’s famous HarWyn kennel.

The sire was born in 1938 and was a purebred Pitbull who won National Specialty in 1940. Similar to the X-Pert bloodline, the original Ruffian derived from the Smith and Tudor bloodline.

Clayton Harriman and William Whitaker were the pioneers of the Ruffian bloodline. They took painstaking research to produce the Ruffian bloodline.

Physical Appearance

The key physical characteristics of the Ruffian bloodline are explored below.

Ears and tail: The bloodline is known for having short, pointy ears. While the tail is sleek and short.

Build: The Ruffian bloodline is famous for its muscular and powerful build. This makes the breed a very desirable show dog.

9. Gator Pitbull Bloodline

The Gator Pitbull bloodline descends from CH Plumber’s Alligator POR and CH Rodriquez’s Gator ROM.

This bloodline was originally bred for fighting purposes, but since this activity is banned, many believe the bloodline to have become extinct.

However, when researching the Gator Pitbull, it will take time to find ethical breeders with a good reputation. But they do exist. Due to the history of the bloodline, you should be wary whenever the Gator Pitbull is advertised.

If you are interested in purchasing from this bloodline you should demand a bloodline certification. Quality breeders will have this certification.

Modern-day Gator Pitbulls will still carry the strong physique and robust stocky build that made them great fighters.

However, the aggressive temperament has been bred out, to make this bloodline very friendly and sociable.

10. Carver Bloodline

The Carver Pitbull has it all. They have good gameness and advanced social skills which make them fantastic household companions.

These traits have made the Carver bloodline incredibly popular. The bloodline was started by Maurice Carver who used a dog from the Tudor line as the sire.

The original Carver dog was named ‘Blind Billy’ and nowadays is often bred with Jeep and Colby bloodlines to create the desirable Pitbull traits which make them great loyal dogs for households.

Finding Reputable Breeders

When purchasing a Pitbull you need to find reputable breeders who can give you reliable information on the breed bloodlines and varieties.

First, you should do an online search of Pitbull breeders near you and see what their online and social media presence is like. You can also review testimonials to see the customer experience of using the breeder.

Pitbull Reputable Breeders

Second, you should request an in-person visit. Large-scale breeders who house in kennels should always invite prospective customers to visit the breeding site because they also want to do due diligence on you to ensure their dogs will be housed in good homes.

During this engagement with a Pitbull breeder, you can ask them questions about the bloodlines and they should know the history, physical traits, and temperament that is unique to the bloodline.

They should also confirm if they can provide a Pitbull bloodline certificate.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you an interesting insight into the various Pitbull bloodlines. As you can see, many Pitbull bloodlines have an extensive history dating back hundreds of years.

Some bloodlines were originally bred for fighting but have evolved to breed out these temperament characteristics to ensure they are fit for modern-day households.

Knowing Pitbull bloodlines is useful when starting the process of purchasing or adopting a Pitbull.

Finding reputable breeders is key as they will provide you with all the key details and they should also have extensive bloodline knowledge.

Unfortunately, many poor-quality Pitbull breeders exist who implement unethical breeding practices. Always do your research on breeders online and meet in person before you commit to purchase.

There should be an extensive two-way due diligence process to ensure that the Pitbull you purchase derives from a known bloodline.


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