How Fast Can A Pitbull Run?

While Pitbulls used to have a more negative reputation, in recent years, they have turned out to be more companion animals.

For some prospective owners, knowing how fast can a Pitbull run is a common query. People do like to not just have downtime with their dogs, but also like to have recreational time.

How Fast Can Pitbull Run

We are breaking down what you need to know about a Pitbull’s running abilities.

Pitbulls might be companionable, but people will still want to ask: are Pitbulls good running dogs?

Here is everything that you should know about running with a Pitbull, from speed and stamina to temperament.

So How Has Can A Pitbull Run?

Let’s start by answering the question that is on your mind. The first thing to understand is that Pitbulls are often a combination of more than one dog breed.

Many breeds can fall under this breed label as well, so there is a lot of variation in dog size.

Even with the discrepancy in sizes, on average, a Pitbull can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour at peak fitness.

There are a few factors that determine how fast or slow that your Pitbull can run, so the 25 miles per hour mark is really just a general statement.

How Fast Is the Fastest Dog In The World?

Knowing that a Pitbull runs 25 miles per hour, you might be wondering how fast the fastest dog in the world is.

It might come as no surprise, but the greyhound is the fastest dog. They can run at 45 miles per hour.

Coming in right behind the greyhound is the African wild dog, which can run up to 44 miles per hour.

Of course, the Pitbull is not the fastest dog in the world, but they are still considered one of the most athletic dogs out there.

Given their stocky frame and heavy muscles, it should not come as a surprise that they are that athletic.

How Are Pitbulls So Athletic?

As Pitbulls are a newer breed, their origin is much easier to trace than some of the older breeds. Originally, Pitbulls were bred from Old English Bulldogs.

Old English Bulldogs were bred back in the 1800s for the specific sport of bull-baiting, hence the name “bulldog.”

Pitbulls Athletic

Bull-baiting worked by setting dogs out to attack a bull. In order to be successful at this, dogs had to be quick, agile, and muscular.

The dogs had to make it out of the attack alive. But, these kinds of bloodsports were outlawed in 1835.

Unfortunately, once bloodsports were outlawed, a new kind of sport came up, known as dog fighting.

In order to have an advantage in dog fighting, the Old English Bulldogs had to be mixed with other breeds, eventually resulting in the breed that we know now as the Pitbull.

They may not be specifically bred for running, but they still enjoy the activity and their athletic nature helps them keep up with it.

They have strong hearts and larger lungs, which help them really run for long periods of time when other breeds may not be able to do the same.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Companions?

If you own a Pitbull and are a runner, the best question is not how fast can a Pitbull run, but do they make good running companions? The short answer is, yes they do.

Pitbulls are fast with a lot of playful energy. They need thorough, regular exercise in order to stay happy and healthy, and running with their owner is a great way to do it.

Pitbull Running Companions

This is a way that they can also maintain their muscular physique.

If you do not burn off your Pitbull’s energy, you are more likely to find yourself with a mischievous dog that is very unhappy.

So, if do not have the time to adequately exercise your Pitbull, you might find that you have a destructive dog on your hands and a Pitbull might not be the best breed choice for you.

Why Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

Being energetic is not enough proof to determine that Pitbulls are good running dogs, so we have made a quick list that justifies why they are.


Let’s start with endurance. A Pitbull has a lot of endurance where other breeds might not. A different breed will be excited to get started running, but not have enough energy to keep it up until the end.

Instead, a Pitbull is excited to run from the beginning until the end of the run. They will keep up with you throughout the duration, unless you are doing some extreme running.


A lot of people still see Pitbulls as an aggressive breed, despite all of the evidence that shows otherwise. Yet, there is an advantage to this assumption when you are out running with a Pitbull.

People are not likely to approach you or harm you when you are out with a Pitbull, just based on that prejudice alone.


A Pitbull also has a nice short coat, which is excellent for dogs when it comes to running. Short fur will not mat, and it will keep them cooler while they are running.

It is also still long enough to prevent them from burning in the sun, making it really the perfect coat.


Finally, the size of a Pitbull also makes him a good running companion.

They are a medium-sized breed, running about 40 pounds, so they are big enough to survive a long run, but also small enough to not run out of energy during a run.

Pros to Running With Your Pitbull

Of course, a human cannot normally run as fast as a Pitbull can, but that does not mean that you should not try to run with your Pitbull. Here are some pros to running with your Pitbull.

Pitbull Running

  • It’s good for you. The first and perhaps the most basic reason that you should run with your Pitbull is that it is good for your health. Humans need exercise to stay healthy and having a reliable running companion will keep you up on your exercise. It’s hard to skip runs with your running companion can put himself right in your path to get you going.
  • It’s good for your Pitbull. Like humans, dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy. It can keep their bodies active and hearts healthy.
  • It’s good for your mental health. Beyond the physical health, running can also help your mental health. Having an active lifestyle in general can help reduce stress, manage anxiety, and even reduce the effects of depression. This is true for both you and your Pitbull. Of course, active humans and dogs both live much longer and happier lives as well, so this could really increase the quality of life for the both of you.
  • Burns off their energy. Burning off a Pitbull’s energy is also essential. Just like we mentioned above, a Pitbull needs to have his energy burned off in order for him to stay happy and healthy. Pitbulls have a lot of energy and running is an excellent way to manage that energy without needing to exercise your dog all day long. Of course, it will also prevent your dog from destroying your home or generally bothering you.
  • It’s good for bonding with your dog. The final reason that it might be good for you to use your dog as a running companion is that it will improve your overall relationship with your dog. Having routine with your dog will ensure that he is your best friend. Since Pitbulls love to run, he will be able to associate the thing that he loves with you, building a lifelong friendship. You will be grateful for all of the positive results that you get from running with your dog.

What Affects Running Speed?

There are quite a few different factors that affect how fast your Pitbull can run. These include genetics, diet, health, and general exercise routines.

Pitbulls Running Companions


Looking at the general shape and size of a Pitbull, you will be able to note that they are shorter in stature, wide, and very stocky.

They do not have long, lean legs as a rule, so they do not make the fastest runners out there. But, if you do have a Pitbull who has good genetics and the physique to go with it, it is possible to get a dog that is very swift by nature.


Just like with humans, when you feed a dog a good diet, he is going to be a better athlete than with other diets.

For running, this means that your dog should be on a high-protein, low carb diet.

You should opt for foods that are lighter on grain, but full of healthy protein, like chicken breast. Setting your dog up with a good diet will also set him up for better running skills.


Of course, your dog’s ability to run fast is very determined by the dog’s overall health. If your dog has any chronic conditions, he will have to resort to running slower or even worse, not being able to run at all.

Obesity should fall under this category as well, so if your dog is overweight, he will be carrying that extra with him all of the time. Weight loss is an option in these cases to help you get your dog to slim down.

Exercise Routine

Finally, a dog who exercises routinely will be in better shape and will be capable of a lot better fitness than a dog that is never exercised.

The more you run with your dog, the longer and faster he will be able to run.

It just takes a little bit of fitness training to get your dog into a solid routine, but once he is, you will see that he is able to go a lot faster for longer, making him an excellent running partner.

What Kinds Of Tasks Are Pitbulls Good At?

Since Pitbulls love running so much and are fast, there are some tasks that they are very good at doing.

Because of their negative reputation, it can come as a surprise that they are good at certain jobs, but if you remember that they were bred to be strong and agile, it makes a lot of sense. Here are some tasks that Pitbulls do well.

Agility Training

The first task that Pitbulls are good at is agility training. This is a dog sport where the dog is directed to run through a series of obstacles, which can include tunnels, tires, jumps, teeter-totters, weaving poles, as well as other obstacles.

The objective of the obstacle course is to get through it as quickly as possible, which Pitbulls are really good at.

They are both fast, but they also love the challenge of running through the obstacle. This will also burn off any excess energy.


Naturally, the Pitbull is not known as a shepherd, but that does not mean they do not make good herding dogs. Knowing how fast a Pitbull can run, it should be no surprise that they can keep up with a herd.

By nature, herding dogs must be problem-solvers, think independently, yet also be able to follow orders well, all of which you will find in a Pitbull.

Search And Rescue

There might be some breeds that are better-known for search and rescue, but since Pitbulls can run so fast and are so smart, they are excellent candidates for the job.

They are excellent at training for any kind of police work and are good companions to law enforcement.

Because of their stubborn nature, you can be sure that they will be working until they succeed. They need to be trained with specific training methods to be really effective at this, naturally, but they will learn easily and show their skills well.


The final task that Pitbulls are excellent at because of their quick speed is flyball. This is a kind of extreme sports that is just for dogs. It will show off a dog’s athleticism and skill, both of which Pitbulls have a lot of.

In this sport, dogs race each other, across hurdles, to release a tennis ball that they need to catch and return back to their owners.

Pitbulls love every part of this sport and because they are so athletic, it is pretty easy for them to pull off.

Final Words

When it comes to looking at how fast can a Pitbull run, you will find that Pitbulls are not the fastest dogs out there. They may not be greyhounds, but they are indeed fast dogs.

Because they are speedy, agile, and athletic, Pitbulls are wonderful running companions.

Whether you are looking to have an excellent workout companion, or perhaps you enjoy the sports of agility training or flyball, Pitbulls are the right choice.

Remember: if you are not willing to keep your Pitbull thoroughly exercised and active, a Pitbull is not the right dog choice for you. An exercised Pitbull is a happy Pitbull, so keep that in mind before committing to one.


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