Extreme American Bully – Breed Overview

Bully dogs come in a wide range of varieties, and a prospective owner may select a Bully breed based on how appealing its appearance and temperament are to them.

The extreme American Bully selection might be the best breed if the person prefers a heavier, more substantial Bully dog.

Extreme American Bully

So, what precisely is a breed of Bully Extreme? Similar to the Classic Standard, the dog is essentially a modification of the Standard Bully breed. This particular Bully breed stands out from others due to way its body is built.

The height and weight of this American Bully define it, much like those of other American Bullies.

This breed is distinguished by having significantly greater height, muscle mass, and build than that of the typical bully.

It is the biggest breed of American Bully in regards to size and build, and it has a wider appearance. They are also fantastic watchdogs. They live between 10 and 12 years.

Extreme Bully Stands Out

The canines of this breed, regardless of gender, have larger bodies than other Bully breeds, giving them the appearance that they have more substance.

Because its bones are thick, its bodily frame is more substantial. They also possess a distinctive appearance that suggests that they are wide and wrinkled.

Although weight and height measurements may vary from breed to breed, the American Bully Extreme does not have a specific height or weight.

Here are some specifics on Bully Extreme. Anyone attempting to establish whether a particular Bully breed is indeed an Extreme can find the information useful.

Additionally, it serves as a manual for Bully dog competitions:

  • These breeds’ lips have a semi-closed form. Although it is permissible for said lips to be slack, some Bully parents do not like his particular personality.
  • The American Bully Extreme’s neck’s skin can be either tight or loose or tight (not overly tight). Other Extreme Bully types can get away with having this physical characteristic.
  • Contrasted to other Bully breeds, this breed’s rear is a little bit higher. Also suitable in other Extreme Bully variations.
  • It has somewhat turned-out hocks or hindquarters. Still a desirable quality for other breeds of this species.
  • A male Bully is over 17″ to 20″ at the withers, but a female Bully is 16″ to 19″.

Pick The Best American Bully

The American Bully might appear cute while appearing to be a vicious animal. The American Bully Kennel Club has approved of this relatively new breed.

They are drawn to kids and have great attributes. Due to their obedience and loyalty, they are the ideal family pet.

Their five types are similar to one another, with the main distinctions being in terms of weight, height, and price range.

Extreme American Bullies

Overall, because of its appearance and attributes, the American Bully has become well-known around the world.

As previously stated, this is a modification to the fundamental rule that an Extreme Bully is identified by their body type and build.

Both sexes of dogs exhibit “bully” characteristics despite having bigger body frames and much more overall body mass.

Bully Physical Traits

  • Short, square muzzle hefty bone and muscle, and blocky, massive heads characterize this breed. Overall, the  American Pit Bull Terrier has more skeleton and substance than modern, more “terrier-type” dogs.
  • Old-style American Staffordshire Terriers and/or American Pit Bull Terriers, which formed the basis of the American Bully, are Extreme Bully to give the look of being bulkier.
  • An American Bully dog of the extreme bully kind simply has a larger body structure (heavier bone) and greater overall body composition (more substance) than an American Bully of the standard variation. The Extreme Bully variant adheres to the same standards as that of the Standard American Bully aside from one distinction.
  • males with withers less than 17 inches to 20 inches (43 cm to 51 cm). females with withers less than 16 inches to 19 inches (40 cm to 48 cm).

Maintaining An Extreme American Bully

Extreme American Bully Diet

Offer the Correct Food

American Bullies need a diet that is extremely high in protein because of their tremendous muscle mass.

It is critical that you start them on this type of food when they’re young since this is the period that they begin to establish the adult muscle.

This is especially crucial for an Extreme Bully because they are known to be even more muscular. The extra muscle must be maintained with protein.

The safest choice is usually dry dog food made specifically for American Bullies, and you can also give them a percentage of wet food.

Additionally, their main meal should be high in beneficial fat. Any kibble you select should have meat listed as the first 3 ingredients.

Additionally, it must have a minimal 30% protein level and a requisite 20% fat content.

When he is still a puppy, it’s important to feed him as much healthy nourishment as you’re able to. Feeding your Extreme Bully pup 3 times per day is advised, though you may also just leave food out for them throughout the day.

Usually this changes as they become bigger, and in about a year, they ought to be consuming adult food with an adult schedule.

Relevant And Early Training

Perhaps the best thing you can do for an American Bully puppy is to make sure they get obedience training.

This should be started as soon as is practical, which will probably be in 8 weeks. Early socialization will teach them how to behave among other canines, and it’s the best strategy to prevent the onset of antisocial characteristics.

The American Bully is a highly clever breed that is capable of learning a wide range of commands. Given the breed’s loyalty, you shouldn’t need to use treats during training; praise should be enough.

Enroll your dog in a class to teach them how to interact with humans and other canines. This will get it ready for maturity and make sure it grows up to be friendly and nice.

Because of the extreme Bully’s mass, strength and size, he is capable of more damage if he gets into trouble. This makes proper training even more important.

Physical Exercise And Fun

All dogs need to be walked, but puppies require it more than adults. Obviously, American Bully puppies should exercise every day following their vaccinations.

Extreme bullies would also benefit from socialization because of the stigma attached to the breed. Having fun with your Extreme Bully in public will get him used to strangers.

Extreme American Bully Exercise

Simply said, because the American Bully is an active breed, they will be fine with only around 30 minutes of exercise each day.

The ideal scenario would be for you to take 2-3 daily walks. Just remember that American Bullies are prone to overheating, so watch out for any warning signals.

Your dog is probably going to like playing, and starting early is a wonderful approach to foster their obedience and trust.

Ensure that the toys you buy are big enough to prevent swallowing. Considering that American Bullies like to chew on their toys, look for ones that are particularly robust.

Suitable And Timely Healthcare

Although the Extreme Bully breed is generally in good health, you should still take good care of your Extreme Bully puppy.

Make sure, you treat them for parasites, and fleas, and you must make sure they get all the essential vaccinations while they’re still puppies.

You may start deworming the American Bully puppy at 4 months old to get him or her ready for parasitic and heartworm therapy.

This technique should be performed as frequently as the maker specifies, which is typically once per month or less.

If you’re uncertain, you may also request that your dog be checked for worms by your veterinarian.

Flea treatments should be given monthly in the summer and spring and once every quarter in the winter and fall.

Treatment for fleas can start at the same time. Fleas don’t pose a severe health danger, but if they infest your home, they can cause serious blood diseases and are quite bothersome.

It’s also suggested to offer calcium supplements to American Bully pups in order to help them cultivate strong bones.

Mineral and vitamin supplements are also a good thing for puppies while they are young, especially around the period of their vaccinations.

Prior to being permitted outside, a dog must have certain vaccines, which are frequently given at around five weeks old.

Five injections will be given to your American Bulldog puppy in total, each one spaced by three weeks.

Additionally, they should have a 3-year rabies vaccination at the age of 6 months. You don’t want your dog to have rabies, which is a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease if you want a dog that is healthy and thriving.

Final Words

It’s easy to maintain a dog of this breed’s health. The dog only requires basic care, such as occasional nail trimming, routine ear cleaning, and a trip to the vet for a physical examination.

Providing the dog with plenty of wholesome food and engaging in some outside activity aids in preserving the bully dog’s good health.

The American Bully Extreme is a sociable and amiable dog, just like other Bullies of various kinds. It is devoted to its owner and family and exhibits a lot of affection for them.

It is accommodating to children and strangers because it is a social animal.

The physical examination mentioned above is required since this breed has an exceptional tolerance for pain, which can be both a good and a harmful trait. Bullies that are violent, prone to biting, and snappy are not well-liked pets.


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