Blue American Bully: Info, Genetics, Colors, Pictures, Diet

The Blue American Bully is a variety of the American Bully dog breed. Renowned for having a blueish coat color, Blue American Bullies also come in a range of colors and sizes. The American Bully is an increasingly popular dog breed across the US.

The breed is popular for having the strong physical traits of Pitbulls but being far tamer in temperament, making them wonderful household companions.

Blue American Bully

If you have ever been interested in the breed or wondered what a blue dog looks like, this article is a one-stop shop for the Blue American Bully.

We discuss everything from genetics, varieties, diet, and cost to give you a rounded view of the breed.

Origins Of The Blue American Bully

The Blue American Bully is a new breed deriving from the American Bully.

The American Bully is believed to originate in the United States. Breeders started producing this breed in the 1980s and were originally bred from the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier.

Other bulldogs and Mastiffs were added, contributing to a more minor part of the DNA.

Origins Of The Blue American Bully

There is no record of when Blue Bullies were first bred. The Blue Bully has its name due to the dilution of black pigment in dogs.

The Blue American Bully is a specific coloring of the American Bully breed. This is a highly sought-after and rarely found color because it is a recessive gene and has a unique look.

The Blue Bully comes in Black, Fawn, or a striped combination of colors. They are sometimes found in multiple colors but are very rare.

In 2004, the Blue Bully was recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club. However, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club because they are not purely bred.

Appearance And Colors

There are appearance types and colors of the Blue Bully explained below.

  • Blue Nose Bully is expected but not found in all Blue Bullies. It is a recessive gene that has a specific effect. Blue Nose can be found in any Bully; hence a Blue Bully can also have a Red or Black nose.
  • Blue Fawn Bully is the color most people associate with a Blue Bully. The color displays in a Tuxedo fashion with Blue for the large part of the back with white present underneath.
  • The Blue Brindle Bully has two recessive genes, making it a rare color. The Brindle effect does not show a stunning stripe pattern. This color comes with a hefty price tag because of its rarity.
  • Blue Merle Bully is another breed color rarely bred because of the health concerns associated with this type. Merle’s coat displays a unique color with lighter patches of mottled fur.
  • Tri-Color Bully has three colors with varying the dominant color. The Tri-color effect is caused by the tan gene that presents as brown and white, and the primary color can be blue.

Genetics And Breeding

Dogs usually have two primary pigments: pheomelanin (red) and eumelanin (black). The other colors appear because some genes altered the red and black pigments.

Blue American Bullies’ blue coloration is caused by the Dilution gene. This gene will dilute or lighten the eumelanin(black) pigment leading to a bluish or grayish color.

Blue American Bully Genetics And Breeding

The dilution gene is classed as autosomal recessive, meaning that you need to breed a pair of blue American Bullies together to get blue puppies. A non-blue American bully with a blue American bully will not guarantee blue puppies.

However, the blue Merle American Bullies are affected by the merle gene. Unlike the dilution gene, the merle gene creates patches of light color against a fully pigmented coat, hence why the blue Merle has blue patches against the black base.


Despite the unique look, the Blue American Bully is not considered a rare breed. As American Bullies in general, you will find an increasing number of breeders and shelters providing Blue American Bullies.

The availability of a Blue American Bully depends on the variety, with some more common than others.

The most common variety is the solid blue, while the blue tricolor is uncommon and rare. Hence the blue tricolor is challenging to get.

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Is The Blue American Bully And The Pitbull The Same? 

Depending on the context, the American Bully may or may not be Pitbull. Pitbull may be a collective term for all four breeds The American Pitbull, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier.

Pitbull is also used for the American Pitbull Terrier, while the American Bully and American Pitbull terrier are different breeds.

Blue American Bully And Pitbull

The American Pitbull Terrier has proportionate, muscular appearance, while the Blue American Bully has the classic wide Bully stance, with a large stocky head.

In terms of temperament, both dog breeds are similarly people-oriented dogs who make great household companions.

How big does the Blue American Bully get? 

Mature Blue Bullies grow to a height from 17 to 20 inches for males and 16 to 19 inches for females. These dogs are heavy, with an average weight of 65 to 85 lbs for both females and males.

The American bully comes in various sizes, and four are recognized by the American Bully kennel Club. There is the Blue Pocket Bully, Blue Classic Bully, Blue Standard bully, and Blue XL Bully. They have different heights and weights.

Generally, Blue American Bullies can be categorized by their height. A body build determines the standard/classic. The classic has a leaner, less blocked build compared to the standard.

Other types not categorized are:

Extreme bully refers to its muscular build and is broader and stockier than you expect of a standard Bully. 

Exotic/Micro Bully refers to a more petite Bully in stature than a Pocket Bully. They are under 14 inches, and because of their small size, they have additional health problems. 

XXL Bully is a bully that comes over 23 inches, and they are similar to micro bullies because they come with additional health conditions.

Varieties Of Blue American Bully

Varieties Of Blue American Bully

The main varieties of Blue American Bullies relate to the size and color differences. The most common varieties are Standard and Classic. Details on other varieties you may not have heard of are explored below.

Blue American Bully XL

As you may have guessed, the XL is a large version of the Blue American Bully. These are big dogs that can weigh up to 150 pounds.

Although the dog breed is larger and visually more intimidating, they share the lovable, loyal characteristics of the American Bully breed.

The XL is remarkably tolerant of strangers and can settle well in rural, town, or city environments provided it gets regular exercise.

With such a large dog, training is also pivotal to ensure they operate well in your home environment.

Pocket Blue American Bully

If you’re put off by the sheer size of an XL, the other extreme is the Pocket Blue American Bully. This variety is a small version of the Blue American Bully that still retains the muscular power of the breed, just in a small form.

Similar to other American Bullies, Pocket Blue is a great company for the family, especially for the children. Due to the small size, expect them to tire quickly and enjoy short bursts of energy.

Blue Brindle American Bully

Blue Brindle American Bullies are distinctive and quite rare to find. The brindle color is produced by a recessive gene that both parents need to pass on.

Brindle refers to the coat color which is typically bluish-gray.

The Blue Brindle breed can be available in a range of sizes and various brindle patterns, including tricolor or tiger-like stripes.

Blue Merle American Bully

The Merle variety of the Blue American Bully is the marmite variety, with much loving or loathing it.

This variety is defined by the color, characterized by a random dark spotting rather than a clear blue color.

The appearance of the Blue Merle is very unique, especially with the blue eyes matching the grayish coat. The Merle pattern is unique to each dog making each one unique.

However, the variety commonly encounters health defects such as blindness so there is much debate about the continuation of the variety. The United Kennel Club does not recognize the Merle variety.

What Is The Blue American Bully Coat Like?

Blue American Bully Coat


The Blue American Bullies have short coats. They need minimum grooming because they look clean most of the time.

The Blue Bullies usually have short coats, which is typical for them. A long coat grounds disqualification from the American Bullies, even in the United Kennel Club.


The Blue American Bullies have averagely dense straight coats, which require low maintenance. They also get chilled quickly because of their regular short, dense coat; hence good to keep them warm.

Brushing them weekly is enough; a slicker brush will make your job easier.


Blue Bullies do not shed a lot because of their short and averagely dense coats; hence, no need to worry about the house cleanup because of fur being all over. Hence the Blue Bully is a great home companion.

Does The Blue American Bully Have Blue Eyes?

The majority of Blue American Bully puppies are born with blue eyes. Similar to humans though, eye color tends to change as they grow. For Blue American Bullies, most will end up with darker eye colors.

The blue eye color is also not accepted in the American Bully Standard so is quite a rare sight when it occurs.

Blue American Bully Temperament

What Is The Blue American Bully Temperament?

Due to their ancestry and appearance, the temperament of American Bullies is commonly attached to historically aggressive Pitbulls, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Blue American Bullies embody the classic American Bully traits of having a proud demeanor with a gentle and patient temperament towards all family members, particularly children.

The loyalty and confidence of the American Bully are unrivaled which makes it one of the most increasingly popular dog breeds.

Below we detail their temperament with various acquaintances.

  • Family and children – The American Bully Kennel Club states that the Blue American Bully is purpose-built to please its owner. They are fiercely loyal and special eagerness to please its owner. They are especially gentle and patient with children.
  • Other petsTypically you can expect Blue American Bullies to exhibit aggressive tendencies towards other pets, particularly if they are associated with a pack or group. While breeders tend to emphasize the breed’s amenability towards other dogs, you should expect and prepare for aggression. When encountering dogs of the same sex, you can expect them to show dominance and mark territory.
  • StrangersBlue American Bullies generally get on with strangers perfectly well. You can expect them to behave soundly but will be highly vigilant and aware of their surroundings. If an act of protection if they sense their family being harmed.

When raised and trained in a happy, calm environment, Blue American Bullies grow up to be very gentle dogs. Early training on heavier and socialization will serve them and your household well in the long run

Is The Blue American Bully Dangerous?

The quick answer to this is, no.

The aggressive traits of the Pitbull which were used in centuries gone by for sports such as baiting and ratting have long been bred out of the American Bully genetic makeup.

The ‘bully’ name along with the muscular and powerful physique may continue to give off the impression of dangerous behavior traits, but this is not the case. The Blue American Bully is very tame, lovable, and perfect for the household.

You will find them great with kids and strangers and rarely forced into an act of aggression.

Only when confronted with other pack dogs or dogs of the same sex will a Blue American Bully show some aggressive traits, but these are not expected to inflict any harm on others.

Are Blue American Bullies Easy To Train?

The Blue American Bully breed is highly intelligent so is great to train. They can pick up most commands quickly and will be eager to show you their learning. For basic commands, you can expect them to learn very easily.

Blue American Bullies respond well to positive reinforcement so try to give them rewards. This will make them even more eager to please when learning.

Blue American Bullies Temperament

As the breed is very trainable, you should start as early as possible to ensure calmness, obedience, and discipline in most situations they encounter. Early training is beneficial to both the dog and the household in the long term.

Blue American Bully Puppy 

The Blue American puppies are adorable, like any other puppy out here. Before purchasing however, it is reasonable to do comprehensive research before getting one, especially for a family with kids.

Purchasing of a Blue American Bully puppy should be with a good breeder because many breeds might sell you a dog without any papers.

The best breeders can provide all the documentation and every essential trait of the new puppy to guarantee the safety of the new owner and the kids.

How Much Do American Bully Puppies Cost?

A common Blue American Bully puppy will range from $2,500 to $10,000 as an initial cost. Varieties that are from famous American Bully bloodlines and for show events, will range from $10,000 to $30,000 in price.

Blue American Bully prices differ depending on color, size, breeder reputation, health conditions, supply, and demand.

Blue American Bullies Cost

We recommend you explore a wide array of breeders to canvas the price range before opting for a certain breeder. The table below gives some insights into the price range for Blue American Bully color varieties.

Variety Puppy Price
Solid Blue $2,500 to $5,000
Blue Tricolor $5,000 to $10,000
Blue Brindle $5,000 to $7,500
Blue Merle $5,000 to $15,000

The most common variety, Solid Blue, is typically the cheapest Blue American Bully variety costing a minimum of $2,500, while the rarer Merle variety can fetch up to $15,000.

What Other Expenses Are There For Blue American Bullies?

Looking after a dog is an expensive business, especially if you want to invest in top-quality products to support a healthy, fulfilling existence.

Beyond the initial cost of purchase, you will also need to invest in various items to set you up for housing a Blue American Bully.

Below we outline some expenses required to be built into the initial cost of a Blue American Bully.

Expense Estimated Cost
Premium food $50 to $60
Water and food bowl $20 to $30
Crate $40 to $45
Bedding $40 to $45
Toys $20 to $25
Collar and leash $20 to $30
Microchip $45 to $50
Cleaning products $40 to $45
Grooming products $30 to $35
Total $305 to $385

In total, you should expect to spend up to $385 on other items to house your Blue American Bully puppy. This may appear intimidating, but as a percentage of the initial cost of purchasing the American Bully, it is fairly reasonable.

As always, prices will fluctuate, and great value items can be found online. We recommend you do some price comparisons before spending.

You may also want to bulk buy some cleaning or grooming products to save you time in the future.

What Is The Blue Bully Lifespan?

Blue American Bullies are known for being fit and healthy dogs. Provided they are given quality nutrition and regular exercise, you can expect a Blue American Bully to live between 10 and 13 years.

Genetics can play a factor however in determining life expectancy. Some varieties of the Blue American Bully such as the Merle, are known for having various health conditions which can limit life expectancy.

Lifestyle can also play a role in life expectancy so do ensure you establish a good feeding and exercise routine to maximize your pup’s lifespan.

Common Health Issues For Blue American Bullies

The common health issues experienced by Blue American Bullies are found below.

Color Dilution Alopecia: This disease of the skin is frequently experienced by dogs with blue coats and blue skin pigmentation. The disease is associated with a dilution gene and causes skin dryness which can lead to hair loss.

Hip Dysplasia: Common across most dog breeds, hip dysplasia is a debilitating joint condition. Blue American Bullies suffering from this health issue will exhibit limping, sharp pain, and reduced motion range.

Demodicosis/Demodectic Mange: This skin disease is caused by mites. When significant numbers of these microscopic parasites emerge, Blue American Bullies will suffer extreme itchiness and possibly hair loss.

Cataract: Eye problems can be fairly common for Blue American Bullies. Cataracts are the most common eye issue which hinders sight by forming a cloud-like film around the lens of the eye. A dog suffering from this issue will experience blurred vision or complete blindness in severe cases.

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: This is a respiratory syndrome that affects dogs with short muzzles. Blue American Bullies suffering from this condition will encounter breathing difficulties and obstruction to the airway of the nasal cavity.

Best Dog Food For Blue American Bully?

Blue American Bullies

Understanding what to feed your American Bully is essential to stimulate growth as a puppy and then into adulthood to maintain a balanced of essential vitamins and minerals.

When finding the best dog food for Blue American Bullies you have three key choices, broken down as raw, premium, and homemade foods. These are all discussed below.

Raw Food

Most Blue American Bully pups will love to eat uncooked food. Whether that be raw meat, fruit, or vegetables, they will be happily consumed.

The natural ingredients included in raw food are free from harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives, or by-products which is ideal for a healthy diet.

The only concern with raw foods is that they may have harmful bacteria so be sure to rinse the food in water before serving.

Raw foods will provide a Blue American Bully with immune support, muscle growth, strong gums, and strengthened reproductive capabilities.

Premium Food

Premium dog food is a great choice to give a Blue American Bully. While these food products are processed, they are precision engineered to give your puppy a chewable, digestible food source that is specifically catered to their growth stage.

You can find puppy and adult premium food that includes the right level of nutrients for their age.

The package of dog food will contain a list of all the ingredients which provide a balanced diet.

There will however be some chemical elements used to process the food so premium food should also be supplemented with raw foods where possible.

Blue American Bullies Premium Food

Homemade Food

Homemade food is another great choice for a Blue American Bully. While this approach will add time to your day, it can provide your dog with a great energy source as well as great overall health.

Homemade foods give you control over the ingredients and balance of nutrients so this can approach can be a great way to empower owners to improve the diet of their Blue American Bully.

Where Can I Purchase A Blue American Bully?

Having discussed the breed in detail, it is important to know where you can purchase a Blue American Bully.

To assist you in this process, we have listed some reputable breeders and rescue centers from where you can acquire these wonderful dogs. While this list is not exhaustive, it may give you a helpful place to start.

Blue American Bully Breeders

Blue American Bully Breeders

Buff N Blue Bullies 

This breeder is committed to developing high-quality Blue American Bullies by focusing on early socialization and training.

Regarded as one of the best breeders in the US, Buff N Blue produces a variety of Blue American Bullies as well as other Bully varieties. The price of their puppies ranges from $4,000 to $7,000.

Monster Bully Kennel 

This breeder is famous for breeding from a leading bloodline which has led to the development of highly conformed, quality Blue American Bullies.

This breeder is regarded for the fantastic colorization and patterns of puppies. The price ranges from $5,000 to $30,000 per puppy.

Top Dog Bullies 

Renowned for breeding high-quality Blue American Bullies over many years, the puppies derive from top-level breed lineage. Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, with prices starting at $5,000.

Blue American Bully Rescue Centers

Blue American Bully Rescue Centers

Some well-known rescue centers where you can find Blue American Bullies are listed below:

  • New York Bully Crew (NYBC) – A not-for-profit that prioritizes rescuing Bullies from across New York state and neighboring states. The NYBC takes great care of their rescued Bullies and takes time to identify the right home for rehousing.
  • Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR) – FBR is focused on rehoming abandoned Bullies. Providing all the basic needs of their rescues, the FBR also aims to educate communities about Bully ownership to prevent cases of future abandonment.
  • Amazing Grace Bully Rescue (AGBR) – Based in Florida, AGBR is dedicated to rescuing Blue American Bullies and other varieties. AGBR operate a foster-based scheme which aims to provide their rescues with volunteers while they await permanent adoption.

We should be grateful and admire these rescue centers for rescuing these homeless dogs.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you all the essential information you need to know about the Blue American Bully breed.

Blue American Bullies come in a variety of colors and sizes, offering a very unique and distinctive appearance. They maintain the classic American Bully temperament of a muscular physique with a calm, lovable temperament.

When adopting a Blue American Bully, be sure to take note of their health and nutritional needs, while also getting early training and socialization to ensure they are great household companions.


Hi there, my name is Blake and I have an American Bully named Rocky. I fell in love with the breed around ten years ago after seeing some of my friends adopt a Bully. I love the combination of the muscular physique and calm, loyal companionship that the American Bully breed has to offer. My enthusiasm for the breed has led me to train as a dog behavioralist and trainer. Over the last ten years, I have supported many households in raising their American Bully and maximizing the potential of the breed. I’m delighted to share my knowledge and expertise on this site.

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