Are Pitbulls Protective (Are Pitbulls Good Guard Dogs?)

Are pitbulls protective? There’s considerable discussion concerning pitbulls’ temperaments, protectiveness, and violence.

On one side, some feel they are nice, dopey, gorgeous dogs who are no more aggressive than other breeds. On the other extreme, others say they are dangerous canines that should only be used for defense and guarding.

Are Pitbulls Protective

So what is the answer? Are pitbulls protective? Or are they loving? Are pitbulls good guard dogs? All of these questions will be answered in this article.

Are Pitbulls Protective?

In short, yes, pitbulls may be protective and aggressive when they feel threatened but the answer is more nuanced.

A typical pitbull probably wouldn’t intervene in a critical crisis. Pitbulls are fantastic security dogs, but they need substantial training.

Whenever their owners are threatened, practically all dogs, irrespective of breed, demonstrate “protective” behavior. 

Even a tiny Chihuahua can be your ride-or-die friend. Pitbulls are known for their enthusiasm to engage and effectiveness, even if untrained.

Why Is Your Pitbull Inclined To Protect You?

Loyal Pitbull


Pitbulls are loyal and approachable pets. Many hound breeds, like the Basenji, are notoriously disobedient.

When threatened, you shouldn’t rely on them. However, pitbulls are so dedicated to protecting their owners that they may end up hurting themselves in the process.

Pitbulls, on the other hand, are so dedicated to protecting their owners that they may end up hurting themselves in the process.

Pitbulls are raised to be loyal and helpful companions. They’re used to humans and canine companions thanks to their time spent in kennels. As a result, this new canine kind is far more likely to intervene in human conflicts.


The big, goofy smiles that pitbulls sport are indicative of their courageous nature. These canines have a checkered past, used in cruel, illegal ways.

Pitbulls today are still influenced by the work their ancestors did. Pitbulls come prepared to fight.

American PitBull Terrier Sergeant Stubby fought in World War I and captured a German spy on his own. Your average Pitbull will always have your back.


Protective work relies heavily on identifying potential threats. Fortunately, Pitbulls are great among kids and other pets.

Pitbull As Family Protection

Because of their terrible reputation, breeders are working to produce kinder, more even-tempered family dogs, much like the trend that occurred 30 years ago with Dobermans.


These dogs have been aggressively trained for decades. Research shows that this breed is among the most likely to display aggressive behavior.

This makes a pitbull a fantastic guard dog, but it doesn’t mean the breed as a whole is violent.

While this quality may be put to good use in security-related occupations in the right hands, it has been abused for decades.

Creating a time bomb out of your dog is possible if he lacks a strong moral compass or if you unwittingly reward his or her protective hostility.


Your pitbull was most likely adopted unless you got them from a reputable breeder when they were 8 weeks old.

Many rescued pitbulls were freed from terrible conditions, which may have left an indelible mark on them.

The history of many pitbulls is one of violence and aggression. Your pitbull’s protective nature may make them nervous or even aggressive against strangers.


Pitbulls are very intelligent canines. A pitbull’s intelligence plays a significant role in whether or not it chooses to protect its owner.

This may include fighting off an assailant, rescuing you from a burning building, or phoning for help if you have a heart attack.

If raised and socialized correctly, pitbulls may be invaluable problem solvers. When a dog’s intelligence is combined with a trainer’s expertise, the result is the best guard dog in the world.

Athletic Appearance

The aesthetic appeal of a pitbull is as valuable as its protective abilities to its owner. When they feel like it, some pitbulls may even seem dangerous.

Intruders and other home dangers are no match for this strong, muscular dog. Putting up a “beware of dog” sign on your fence may prevent break-ins.

If a large, strong, and threatening pitbull is guarding the entrance, that number decreases.

Pitbull As Protection

They have the physical bulk to be intimidating, but also the tactical nous to protect you. They’re portable and compact enough to store anywhere.

In comparison to larger guard dogs like Mastiffs, their superior long-distance running ability gives them the edge. Even if you provide a healthy diet, your pittie will still need activity.

Why Are Pitbulls Often Labeled As Aggressive?

A pitbull is a protective dog, as we’ve already discussed in this article, but this is only because of how much they like their people.

This does not imply that they will continually be biting, scratching, and flashing their fangs at everybody who approaches you.

It implies that they like being around you as the owner and that, if necessary, they would go out of their way to put themselves between you and any harm. It’s how they demonstrate their love for you and guard you.

Pitbulls, however, were not always adored by society, and the people who would rear these dogs in unloving homes were the initial source of people’s anxieties.

Pitbulls were abused in the house, and because of their physical strength and exceptional athleticism, they were trained to fight.

Even though Pitbulls may be seen as an excellent guard dog and prepared to defend you, it’s crucial to realize that underneath it all, they are tender-hearted and affectionate dogs seeking a secure and loving home.

Can My Pitbull Serve As A Kind Of Protection?

No matter what, your pitbull will probably strive to defend you, and you could already be protected by the notion that you can clearly be seen with a Pitbull.

However, unless you have given your pittbull training in defense work, they generally aren’t going to do much more than frighten an aggressor away.

Most people think of protection in terms of defense against other individuals.

And let’s not forget that your dog is much outclassed in both weight and intelligence by an average-sized adult male human being.

There are innumerable anecdotes of heroic pitbulls who defend their owners from invaders, flames, and other bad guys.

Pitbull Athletic Appearance

You shouldn’t expect your inexperienced pitbull to respond in the same manner as these dogs did, despite the fact that they are exceptional heroes.

A commitment on par with buying a gun, in my view, is teaching a dog to do a security job. Except if you train pitbulls to serve as guard dogs.

Training a guard dog is not a DIY endeavor. By employing the same techniques you used for toilet training, you cannot expect to teach your pitbull to guard you.

If you attempt to teach your pitbull to serve as a guard dog, you run the risk of making a mistake that may lead to an attack on a family member or neighbor.

You must thus take your pitbull to a guard dog trainer and behavioralist with your pitbull.

They have received certification in guard dog training, so you may instruct your dog to go on alert just as required.

Because a dog shouldn’t be on watch duty all day, this is crucial. They should connect with their owner via play and training. You get to pick when and how your guard dog will go about protecting you.

What to anticipate after your pit bull has completed guard dog training is as follows:

  • Your pitbull will react to specific orders, such as body protection, territorial protection, and alert barker, to defend you in certain ways.
  • Only when they see certain actions, like someone raising their arm as if to aim a pistol or reaching their arm out as if carrying a knife, can your pit bull attack a culprit.
  • Your pit dog will learn to let go on cue so that they don’t harm uninvited people fatally.
  • You’ll teach your pitbull when to remain attentive and when it should relax.
  • Your pitbull will be aware of the times when he needs to be on watch, which could be at night or when you are away from home.

Warning – Pitbulls have strong jaws, so it is advisable to think carefully about whether you want to teach them to fight trespassers or burglars.

Your pitbull could not release the offender while you are not around to order it to do so, which might lead to complications. They could damage your dog or they might kill someone.

An attack dog is not a guard dog. So, think carefully about the behaviors you want to teach your dog. Ask professionals and explain in detail why you need your pit bull to defend you.

Before beginning any kind of protection job, regardless of whether you are an expert or not, you should speak with qualified protection dog trainers.

Poor training puts the safety of you, your dog, and the whole neighborhood at danger. Nobody wants their pitbull to bite someone it shouldn’t or to refrain from biting someone when you really need them to.

How To Deal With A Pitbull That Is Overly Protective Of You

Pitbull Protective

Give Them Space

Putting physical distance between yourself and your dog when the dog is being protective out of love and fear for you may seem harsh or unproductive.

It’s best for everyone involved if you put some space between you two when they become overprotective.

You may either ask a friend or family member to help you out by walking your dog, or you could hire a dog walker specifically for this purpose. It may also be important to find them a bed somewhere than yours.

Even while you want your pitbull to be fond of you and spend a lot of time with you, you don’t want them to become possessive or overprotective of you to the point where they’d attack the mailman if he came knocking.

Give Them An Alternative

Perhaps your big bruiser is trying to protect you to win your affections.

One ingenious way to rein in this tendency is to provide them praise, treats, or other types of positive reinforcement whenever they do a behavior or trick you want them to do more often.

Training techniques include rewarding good behavior with goodies and training the dog to sit or fetch a treat before giving it the attention it seeks.

The trick is to make it so they can come near to you without having to act as your bodyguard.

If they know you like it when they sit quietly, they will be less likely to decide to bark furiously on their own later in an effort to make you happy.

If you redirect your pitbull’s energy in a more positive direction, you may both enjoy a peaceful evening stroll without having to resort to physical force.

Positively Recreate Situations

When you pass other dogs on a walk or if someone rings your doorbell, your pitbull may get overprotective.

You’ll need to desensitize them to the occurrences so they don’t overreact defensively when they don’t have to.

This necessitates giving them plenty of support in these trying times. Foreseeing their response and exerting command over their actions requires reconstructing them in your own image.

Family And Pitbull

Engage a buddy in a friendly game of “knock, knock” by inviting them over to sit outside and repeatedly knock on your door.

Attempting to protect you from these guests will likely result in your dog barking more than normal.

Instead of yelling at the pitbull to stop or just opening the door and letting your friend in, try working with it to diffuse the situation so that it is less irritated the next time the condition that produces its protective response happens.

They’ll soon learn that a little tap on the door is nothing to worry about.


Examine your own actions if you’re unhappy with your pitbull’s. Are you bothered by the constant ringing of doorbells?

Do you feel fear or social anxiety when you go for a stroll? Consider the ways in which your dog safeguards you. Dogs and their owners have a telepathic bond.

They are able to read our thoughts and feelings even when we aren’t aware of them ourselves.

Your pitbull may be becoming protective because you are subconsciously providing him signals that he should be.

Physical Activity

It’s recommended for those who tend to be either aggressive or defensive.

Working out lifts your spirits. People feel less stressed and less likely to respond to situations where they don’t need to because of the release of pent-up energy.

Exercising your pitbull may help them relax and lessen their guarding instincts. After a long day of hiking, it’s exhausting to keep barking at random people all night long.


Despite their intelligence, pitbulls may become destructive if left alone for too long.

Contrasted with the border collie’s impulsive destruction of your couch, the pit bull’s overthinking and ensuing aggression or protectiveness may be the result of an exaggerated fear of an unknown threat.

While you’re out, your pitbull’s anxiety and aggression may be reduced by playing with toys.

Be A Professional

Danger lurks around every corner when around a pitbull. A guard dog like a pitbull is deadly, but not all dogs are.

Though you shouldn’t be afraid to correct your dog’s protective behavior, remember that doing so poorly might make matters much worse. Aggression requires professional assistance.

Final Words

A pitbull is more inclined to protect its family than any other breed. In addition to their natural protective nature, their sturdy build and calm demeanor make them excellent watchdogs.

It’s unfair, unreasonable, and perhaps dangerous to rely on a pitbull to protect you from harm.

You must be ready to protect your pet or train them to defend themselves and you if you really care about them. Training a dog to be a guard dog is no joke, but a pitbull makes a great candidate.


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