Best American Bully Supplements (2022)

If you’re the owner or adopter of an American Bully, you may have wondered about American Bully supplements.

Supplements can be a great way to boost the growth and overall health of your dog, but deciding if they are necessary and which products are most suitable can be a challenge.

Best American Bully Supplements

We’re here to help! In this article, we will present the 10 best American Bully supplements that are available to purchase in 2022.

We will outline the key features, pros, and cons of each product alongside some purchasing links for you to buy from. Most supplements come in either a powder or chewable form.

American Bullies are an increasingly popular dog breed that is famous for its muscular physique combined with a calm and loyal temperament.

The breed is generally considered healthy, largely due to several quality breeding programs.

However, in cases where your Bully is underweight or struggling with mobility issues, supplements can be an affordable approach to boosting their health. Read on to learn more about American Bully supplements.

1. Bully Max The Ultimate Canine Supplement

The Bully Max The Ultimate Canine Supplement is the go-to solution that helps your Bully puppies to attain their maximum potential particularly when they are underweight or suffer from slow growth hormones.

The main purpose of these supplements is to help the muscles build up and promote proper bone nourishment and tendon strength.

Veterinarians have approved these supplements for all breeds from seven weeks and upwards. They are also 100% natural with no steroids and use a creative recipe of 19 ingredients to improve lean muscle mass.

One of the main advantages of The Ultimate Supplement is that it can be enjoyed by all ages. Also, the supplement comes in chewable tablet form which can also double as a treat for your dog.

Your Bully will likely associate this supplement with positive energy which is great as it is designed to support their growth.


  • Better immune defense against common health problems
  • Provide proper bone nourishment and tendon strength
  • Improve speed and endurance
  • Improved oxygen delivery
  • Relieves stress and promotes faster recovery from trauma and surgery
  • Come in easy-to-feed tablets


  • We didn’t find any


2. Bully Max Muscle Building Chews For Dogs

Bully Max Muscle Building Chews is the fastest and the most effective way of packing muscle on your dog that promises great results within just 30 days.

They are packed with vitamins and high-quality protein for maximum muscle and size. It is packed with 20 grams of high-quality protein for maximum muscle and size.

One serving of 2 chews contains 10 grams of crude protein and hits the dog’s recommended daily dose. They are clean products with no preservatives and other chemicals that are bad for the environment and your dog.

It contains all the benefits of Bully Max’s original powder recipe but they are easy feeding soft chew tablets with flavors that the dog will enjoy.

The complete package has 17 powerful muscle-building ingredients for maximum growth and improved muscle mass. It is suitable for all breeds of all ages.

It is packed with whey protein with the highest biological value rating of any other source of protein in the world.

This supplement has a meaty flavor and protein needed by the dog. They are used by the world’s top breeders and k9 units, AKC, UKC, ABKC, and ADBA Grand champions.


  • Improved metabolism and better eye focus
  • Offers the fastest recovery from common illnesses
  • Vets and trainers of K9 units highly recommend them
  • Develop resistance and longer endurance for extended energy levels
  • Lean muscle mass build and moderate size increases


  • Expensive


3. Gorilla Max Muscle Supplement For Dogs

This supplement has 20 grams of protein in every scoop. Gorilla Max helps promote maximum muscle build-up with a moderate increase in the dog’s size.

An increase in muscles means more calories burned at rest hence increasing metabolism speed effectively to remove excess fat from the body.

This protein powder rebuilds the muscle cells of the dog that is lost during exercises.

American Bully Supplements

The Gorilla Max is designed especially for active breeds and underweight dogs to attain a very healthy weight.

This supplement is made of 100% natural ingredients and approved by AAFCO and FDA hence is safe to use all year round without any harmful side effects. Results can manifest as early as three weeks.


  • For all breeds that are 12 weeks and older
  • 100% natural and vet approved
  • Good for pregnant and nursing dogs.
  • The whey protein isolate builds canine muscle mass
  • Beta carotene for healthy skin and vision
  • Omega 3 fish oil for improved heart health and dog’s brain
  • No side effects


  • Premium price


4. Bully Max 3-IN-1 Liquid Muscle Building Supplement For Dogs

This is a clinically tested Muscle builder for dogs. They are made to promote more muscles and get more mass and energy. They are made with advanced synergistic nutrients and functional botanicals.

The Bully Max 3-in-1 has super powerful antioxidants that are 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C. It is the most advanced muscle and mass-producing supplement for dogs.

The Bully Max 3-in-1 comes in liquid form which makes it very easy to mix with wet dog food or water, therefore your dog can make gains without changing its feeding habits.


  • Support recovery and energy from exercise
  • Has a super-powerful antioxidant
  • Protects against cellular oxidative damage
  • Improves mitochondrial function and increases ATP production
  • Strengthens muscle performance endurance and recovery in dogs
  • Has simple sugars


  • Some customers say that muscle development is marginal.


5. Vita Bully Vitamins For Bully Breeds

The Vita Bully is a multivitamin that has 34+ key ingredients and vitamins. These Vita Bully supplements will help your dog to recover the missing nutrients.

Muscle Bully was started to make quality supplements specifically formulated for the Bully breeds such as bulldogs, American Bullies, Pitbull, and pocket pits.

The muscle Bully supplements provide the powerful ingredient important for muscle performance, development, definition, and enhancement.

The Vita Bully has amino acids for muscle support and fatty acids for a shiny coat and digestive enzymes that improve gut health.

These supplements have calcium phosphates, chicken liver hydrolysates, cellulose, kelp, and magnesium oxide which help strengthen bones, nails, and teeth; support muscle growth and improve the immune system of your dog.

The supplements are recommended for any breed and all ages but are mostly great for Pit Bulls, exotic Bullies, Bull terriers, Bulldog breeds, Staffordshire Bulls, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, and Pocket Bullies.

It is veterinarian formulated and is approved with no side effects. It has lab-tested results and is high quality.


  • Maintains a healthy immune system and a shiny and healthy coat.
  • Enhances muscle growth, performance, and size.
  • Supports building muscle
  • Contribute to the overall health of the dog
  • digestive enzymes for gut health
  • More than 34 key vitamins and nutrients
  • fatty acids to a glossy shiny coat


6. Puppy Naturals

Puppy Naturals is a great supplement choice for your American Bully if you have concerns about them being skinny or malnourished.

The supplement is straightforward to feed through being in powder form and supports your puppy’s gain weight by adding muscle mass.

The product is made with high-quality vitamins which include 21 crucial nutrients to support healthy growth.

The main ingredient in the Puppy Naturals supplement is colostrum. This ingredient is packed with proteins such as lactoferrin and other hormones that support growth and a robust immune system.

Your American Bully’s muscle growth is supported by the presence of creapure which is a natural form of creatine.

Puppy Naturals is ideal for American Bully puppies aged up to one year. The supplement is widely acknowledged to not have any side effects and can provide positive, holistic development to your puppy.

Whether it be improved muscle density, better brain health through the amino acids, or a stronger immune system, Puppy Naturals is a reliable bet.


  • Ideal for American Bully Puppies
  • No known side effects
  • Supports muscle development and weight gain
  • Easy to consume


  • Powder form may not work for dogs who prefer a chew


7. Muscle Bully Protein Supplement

The Muscle Bully Protein Supplement supports muscle growth and definition in your American Bully.

This product is highly recommended for American Bullies who suffer from malnourishment, are under development, or are small.

The supplement also contains amino acids to support your dog’s brain development. As the product is in powder form it can be easily sprinkled over dog food, water, or kibble for your dog to consume.

In addition to gaining muscle mass, the Muscle Bully supplement also improves the overall stamina, strength, and power of your American Bully.

This is largely due to the inclusion of creapure which is a form of creatine that supports muscle recovery and strength.

The product is manufactured following all Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines which include rigorous testing.

The Muscle Bully supplement only contains active ingredients including beef bone broth and whey protein, while there are no fillers or inactive ingredients.

The Muscle Bully protein can be consumed for all Bully breeds including American Bullies, Pitbulls, American Bulldogs, or English Bulldogs.


  • No inactive ingredients used
  • Easily consumed by mixing in with dog food or water
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Great taste


  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs may not enjoy it
  • Can cause aggressive tendencies


8. Bully Max Pro Series Powder

The Bully Max Pro Series Powder guarantees to bulk scrawny dogs into strong, powerful beasts. The product is targeted at Bully breeds such as the American Bully and is accessible to Bullies of all ages.

The product is best for Bullies who are underweight or underdeveloped and is proven to yield fantastic results.

Resulting of years of research and testing, the Bully Max Pro Series delivers a high-quality muscle-building product that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The Pro series is an 11-in-1 product containing 11 premium range ingredients that enable muscle growth while also being very tasty for your American Bully.

Compared to previous Max Bully products, the Pro series contains 5 times the amount of protein and 4 times the amount of calories per serving, delivering on its promise to maximize growth.

The Pro series supplement is also made with time-release technology which is designed to maximize the absorption and digestion of essential proteins. This ensures that your Bully can reap the benefits all day long.


  • Reliably proven to support muscle growth in American Bullies
  • High protein and high-calorie mix
  • Time-release technology improves supplement digestion


  • Some dogs may not like the vanilla flavor


9. Muscle Bully Gains Supplement

The Muscle Bully Gains supplement is an effective nutritional supplement that supports the growth and development of underdeveloped dogs within the Bully breed.

The supplement is packed with exceptional proteins such as creapure and good fats which support healthy weight gain.

In addition to gaining muscle, the Muscle Bully Gains supplement is also great at improving muscle recovery, endurance, and bone density. The inclusion of healthy fats into the powder mix also improves skin moisturization and coat shine.

A great advantage of using the Muscle Bully Gains supplement is that it can save you a lot of money and is also practical.

Many vet diets can prove expensive in addition to the cost of vets fees. With Muscle Bully Gains, you simply have to sprinkle some of the powder into your dog’s food and watch them slowly bulk out to become muscular, strong-looking dogs.

You can be assured of the product quality of the Muscle Bully Gains supplement as it has been rigorously tested in the US, is vet approved, and follows GMP guidelines.


  • A supplement that will save you costs in vet fees
  • Supports holistic growth from muscles to coat shine
  • Tried and tested across the US


  • Can cause an upset stomach if trying for the first time


10. Pet Honesty Pure Mobility Joint Support Supplement

The Pet Honesty Pure Mobility Joint Support Supplement is a great option for American Bullies who suffer from the elbow or hip joint stiffness in their daily activities.

Created from a great combination of ingredients such as turmeric, glucosamine, and green-lipped mussel, the supplement works to generate an inflammatory response.

Pet Honesty makes all its products in the US and abides by strict safety standards to ensure all products are safe for dogs to consume. The products are also all approved by vets so provide medically approved nutritional support.

To avoid stomach upset, the supplement does not contain any wheat, soy, or corn but is rather designed using carrots, oats, and tomatoes as base ingredients rather than fillers.

The soft, chewable texture of the Pet Honesty supplement presents like a treat to your dog.

This texture combined with the great-tasting chicken flavor ensures your American Bully will be highly satisfied with this supplement.


  • Soft and chewable supplement texture provides your dog with a treat-like sensation
  • Ideal for dogs struggling with joint pain and mobility issues
  • Designed with a range of natural ingredients to boost an inflammation response


  • Some dogs may be skeptical and won’t try it
  • It can’t be hidden in dog food or water


Should You Feed Your American Bully Supplements?

American Bullies are widely regarded as a healthy dog breed that is characterized by a wide muscular physique.

Despite their healthy track record, many owners ask if it is necessary to provide American Bullies with supplements.

TheBest American Bully Supplements

Supplements for American Bullies typically focus on providing muscle growth, a stronger immune system, and provide essential nutrients.

If your American Bully appears to be growing well and is following the trajectory of the American Bully growth chart, then supplements that support muscular growth are not necessary.

However, supplements can also support other features such as joint health or coat shine which you may deem worthwhile even if your Bully is growing well.

Due to the American Bully genetic characteristics of a strong, sturdy, and muscular dog, supplements that support muscular growth are only needed in cases where your dog is underdeveloped or malnourished.

Providing a naturally muscular dog breed with extra muscle will add excessive weight, put more pressure on the joints, and can lead to a more aggressive temperament.

The signs to look for when supplements may be needed for your American Bully is when your dog is either underweight, has poor immunity, or suffers from joint, mobility, or skin issues.

When looking for the most suitable supplements you’ll need to see the range of proteins and vitamins on offer and see what is best. High-quality ingredients will maximize the effect of the supplement on your dog.

Another factor to consider is the price and the number of servings required to administer the supplement.

Comparing the cost with the number of servings allows you to work out the cost per serving so that you can find the best value product. You can expect high protein and vitamin supplements to cost above average for American Bullies.

Before you purchase a supplement, we recommend you run it by your vet first to confirm the product is suitable. That way, you won’t waste money and you’ll have a medical professional on your side.

American Bully Nutritional Needs

The nutritional needs of an American Bully will differ based on his age and activity level. On average, they will require 30 calories for each body weight pound.

Based on average American Bully weights, you can expect them to consume between 900 and 1,800 calories per day.

The breakdown of key nutrients that should feature and these are explained below.

  • Fats are important for promoting metabolism which allows the protein to break down efficiently. For American Bullies, fats are important in improving skin health and coat shine. Good fats are found in oils and vegetables.
  • Proteins are pivotal for your American Bully to gain muscle and should be central in its diet. Additionally, proteins support body functions and repair tissue. Protein is found in meat and fish.
  • Omega is particularly important for skin, brain, and eye health. Omega is found in fish oil, animal oil, or flaxseed.
  • Carbohydrates are an important energy source for American Bullies, however, they should not feature too high a proportion of dietary intake as they can lead to weight gain. Corn and wheat are common carbohydrates consumed.
  • Fiber is important for digestion and prevents constipation, it is another core component of an American Bully diet. Carbohydrates such as brown rice include lots of healthy fiber.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you helpful insights into the best American Bully supplements available to purchase in 2022.

Supplements can help support growth, improve the immune system and coat health for American Bullies.

Our choice for the best American Bully supplement of 2022 is the Bully Max Ultimate Canine Supplement because it can be consumed through all life stages and the chewable tablets also make the product stimulating to consume for Bullies.

The product is guaranteed to improve the muscle power and strength of your American Bully.

Supplements are not essential food items but are there to provide an additional boost for American Bullies.

Assuming your American Bully is within the expected growth chart, and is eating and exercising well, then supplements are not necessary. However, you should always closely monitor your dog to see if they are struggling and see if a supplement could support the issue.


Hi there, my name is Blake and I have an American Bully named Rocky. I fell in love with the breed around ten years ago after seeing some of my friends adopt a Bully. I love the combination of the muscular physique and calm, loyal companionship that the American Bully breed has to offer. My enthusiasm for the breed has led me to train as a dog behavioralist and trainer. Over the last ten years, I have supported many households in raising their American Bully and maximizing the potential of the breed. I’m delighted to share my knowledge and expertise on this site.

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