American Bully Price – How Much Does An American Bully Cost?

The American Bully is an increasingly popular dog breed across the globe. For those interested in purchasing one of these lovable companions, you’ll likely have wondered what the American Bully price is. We’re here to guide you.

The American Bully is a breed that was started in the 1980s in the US but was only recently recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club (AKBC) in 2004 as a certified breed.

American Bully Price And Cost

The American Bully derives from a Pitbull and American Staffordshire Terrier. The breed is therefore known for having a stocky head and strong, muscular complexion. While the temperament is very calm, loyal, and loving.

In this article, we will outline the range of prices that you could purchase an American Bully for. Many factors affect the price, including breed variety, breeder reputation, and location.

We will give the best guide to navigate the purchasing process to help inform your decisions.

American Bully Price

If you’ve never owned a dog before, you may be surprised by the prices you’d expect to pay for an American Bully.

Most American Bullies will cost in the region of $2,000 to $10,000 to purchase. This is the typical cost from a reputable American Bully breeder.

American Bully Cost

When it comes to American Bully crossbreeds, the price ranges are lower to the region of $600 to $1,000.

Note, this cost only relates to the initial purchase. As we explore in this article there are plenty of other costs to incur, including maintenance, food, and vet.

Price By ABKC Breeds

The American Bully Kennel Club was the first body to recognize the American Bully breed in 2004. This recognition has led to increased popularity.

As well as certification, the role of the organization is to promote the breed and ensure quality, and ethical breeding standards.

The AKBC currently classifies five varieties of the American Bully: the Pocket, Standard, Classic, Extreme, and XL.

The key difference between these varieties is the size, with the Pocket ranging from 13 to 17 inches in height, while an XL can stand at 23 inches tall.

Below we detail the prices you can expect to pay for each variety of the American Bully.


Although the Pocket Bully is the smallest recognized variety of the American Bully, the small size doesn’t necessarily mean a small price.

You can expect to pay something in the region of $3,000 to $9,000 to acquire a Pocket American Bully on average.

Pocket American Bully

The Pocket Bully has become increasingly popular due to its compact size, making it smaller for city dwellers or those with limited outdoor space.


The Standard Bully is the most common American Bully. The variety is medium to large size and is characterized by a muscular build. Male Standard Bullies reach 20 inches in height, while females reach 19 inches.

The range of prices you can expect to pay for a Standard American Bully is less than the Pocket. On average, you’ll expect to pay $2,500 to $3,500 for a Standard Bully, making them one of the more affordable Bully varieties.


In terms of size, the Classic is very similar in size to the Standard. The Classic has a less muscular appearance, but still retains the low, wide stance of a Bully.

The typical price of a Classic American Bully is $2,500.

The Classic is ideal for wanting a lighter dog, as some may see the Standard as being too bulky.


An Extreme American Bully (also referred to as an Exotic Bully), is a rarer variety. The variety is shorter than others but often has a denser bone structure and increased body mass.

Extreme Bullies have a very low stance while maintaining the classic wide Bully stance.

As the Extreme variety is less common and can often be used as a show dog, the price ranges from $5,000 to $30,000. Some even fetch $50,000.


The final Bully variety is the XL. The XL as predicted is significantly larger and heavier than other breed varieties.

The average price of an XL American Bully is $5,000 to $10,000.

Male XL Bullies can reach up to 23 inches in height, while females reach 22 inches. These are not small dogs so should consider if purchasing an XL suits your home environment.

Are American Bullies Considered Expensive?

Compared to other breeds, the American Bully will likely seem expensive. However, if you are not bothered about purchasing a Bully from a prestigious bloodline, there are cheaper Bullies available.

American Bullies Price

The American Bully is considered expensive due to the high-quality breeding programs out there.

Breeders not only invest significant sums of money into the programs but they also invest time and energy to raise their dogs to be fit for purpose in family homes, and this costs money.

Every puppy produced by a reputable breeder will be the product of love, empathy, knowledge, and experience about the reed.

Purchasing From Low-Quality Breeders

While American Bullies are on the expensive side, there are cheaper ways to purchase Bullies, but this is never recommended as you can encounter many issues.

Some breeders are known as ‘puppy mills’ where unethical breeders breed lots of Bullies to sell at a low cost. Low-quality breeders may sell their American Bully puppies from $200 to $500.

While you may be encouraged to purchase from a puppy mill because of the bargain price, you should ask yourself why the price is low and what the consequences are.

Mills typically do not take proper care of the parents and new pups and are often abusive. Puppy mills don’t tend to deworm or vaccinate which can increase the chance of health issues.

While they may appear cheap as an initial purchase, puppies from mills will cost more in the future with an increased likelihood of getting severe health conditions.

Reputable breeders will provide health certificates to show that the puppy is free of any genetic diseases, you’re unlikely to get the same level of accreditation from a puppy mill.

Backyard Breeders

This term refers to breeders who are inexperienced in dog breeding. The typical scenario of a backyard breeder is that they own a female American Bully who fell pregnant and need to give away the puppies.

Some breeders may give away the puppies for free, but often they range between $300 and $600.

This breeder will unlikely be certified so purchasing a backyard is at the owner’s risk.

American Bully Adoption

Adopting a dog is an increasingly popular way of giving a canine friend a happy home and an affordable price. Households will adopt American Bullies from shelters. The dogs who reside in shelters have been rescued from abusive households or abandonment.

The typical adoption fee for an American Bully in the US ranges from $550 to $800, so much cheaper than purchasing a puppy.

American Bully Adoption

The downside of adopting an American Bully from a shelter is that they are more difficult to train and will likely have undergone some trauma. Therefore, you cannot be completely sure of the temperament of the do you will adopt.

Additionally, the genetic information of the parents, bloodline, and heritage are all unknown, so the Bully you are adopting may be carrying an inherited disease.

Despite this, adopting a rescued American Bully is a very humane, kind thing to do and should be encouraged. It is also a more affordable way to access the Bully breed.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of An American Bully?

Factors Affect Cost Of American Bully

Looking for an American can be challenging because of how pricy they usually are. But are they costly?

First, you should know that American Bullies are costly, and their prices usually start from $2000 or $2500. The breeder and puppy pedigree determine the price of the puppy.

The pricing of American Bully puppies depends on several factors, including the breeder’s genetics, size and age, reputation, and color and markings. American Bully is one of the famous dogs despite the differences in their prices.

Bloodline And Breeder’s Reputation

The primary factor affecting the genes and the dog’s bloodline is the most critical consideration impacting the American Bully cost. Puppies who come from the champion bloodlines will be pricier.

For example, a well-known breeder in Texas sells puppies from $8000 to $20000 each from award-winning dogs.

Registration Papers/Pedigree

Each American Bully puppy should come with registration papers from a recognized dog registry like the United Kennel Club that will certify that the dog is purebred.

Luckily, you can find a purebred dog without paper registrations, but it is risky because of the crossbreeding.

Health Screenings And Medical Expenses

American Bully breeders that are reputable will perform several health checks and screening on their dogs before selling their puppies to ensure they have genetic diseases.

These health screenings are expensive, meaning their costs will determine the puppy’s price.

When looking at the puppies’ price, you check to ensure that deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, and spaying are done.

Some breeders will include all these services, and others will charge extra for the puppy’s purchase price.

American Bully’s Age

An older American puppy costs less than a puppy. A younger dog costs more than an old dog.

Be wary of the breeders who sell their puppies under two months because puppies under this age rely on the mom for nourishment and warmth; hence remain with their moms for at least the first two months of their lives.

American Bully’s Gender

Male American Bullies are more popular than female American Bullies because they are bigger and usually have fewer health concerns.

The proportion of males to females in the particular litter you are looking for will affect your American Bully puppy price.

American Bully’s Coat Color And Markings

Several American bully coat colors include brindle, striped, fawn, and solid colors. The tri-color American Bully dogs with a patterned coat are the rarest and hence the most expensive.

There are also the Albino American Bullies who are the most sought after. There is one with a pure white dog, usually confused with a white rhino which is the most expensive American Bully.

Therefore, you should avoid any breeder that promises to get you an albino Bully or a white American Bully because they usually inbreed these dogs to get this genetic abnormality which can be very unhealthy and generous.

How Much Does A Merle American Bully Cost?

American Bullies Cost

Merle American Bully is a type of American Bullies that have a unique pattern coat with a piebald or mottled color in solid.

The blue, red, and cryptic Merle Bully breeds are also available but not recognized and can have various health problems.

Because of their rarity, Merle Bully puppies can cost between $5000 and $10000 each. However, you may risk the American Bully not being purebred due to being rare.

Other Factors Affecting The Cost

A few other elements might also impact the American Bully puppy price.  These factors can include the region of the breeder, interest in the puppies from different purchasers in the area, shipping expenses, and all other additional things that the breeder has added, for example, puppy training.

You will also need to spend on other things when you get the dog home, including beds, food bowls, grooming equipment, and food for your dog.

Therefore, you need an extra $355 to get your dog set up with you and make him happy.

American Bully Ownership Costs

The initial purchase of an American Bully is a one-off, you should be prepared to budget for monthly living expenses to ensure your American Bully lives a happy and fulfilled life.

The expenses outlined below pretty much apply to any dog breed.

Dog Food Cost

Providing your American Bully with a high-quality, nutritious diet is one of the most important things, as owners or adopters, that you should do. There are a few diets you can choose from including raw food, wet food, or dry food diet.

Dry food (kibble) is often the most popular as it is low maintenance, and easy to portion and store. Depending on the quality of kibble purchased or the size of your Bully, you can expect to spend between $30 to $80 per week.

American Bully Food Price

During the puppy stage, American Bullies will eat three to four times per day and this will relax to two meals a day as they enter adulthood. Larger Bully varieties such as the XL will require bigger portions.

In addition to spending on the main meals, you should also budget for extra snacks and treats, which can cost between $10 and $20 a week.

If you want to save some money you can consider making treats at home.

Vet Check-ups

Vet check-ups are an important part of caring for a dog. American Bullies don’t require frequent check-ups but you should be aware of the costs in case they are feeling unwell.

Some standard health procedure costs are outlined below:

  • Vaccinations – $85 to $100
  • Deworming treatments – $10 to $30
  • Flea treatments – $20 per month
  • Spaying – $50 to $500
  • Neutering – $75 to $250
  • Ear cropping – $160 to $600
  • Teeth cleaning – $50 – $300
  • Heartworm test – $45 – $50

If you purchase from a reputable breeder, the initial deworming, vaccinations, and flea treatments should already have been completed.

Dog Grooming Cost

Keeping your American Bully looking great may be considered a luxury, but for your, American Bully to be healthy and live a fulfilling existence, investing in regular grooming is essential.

American Bully Dog Grooming

Services such as nail trimming and full body grooming can be done by owners themselves however many will hire specialist dog grooming services to ensure their pup is looked after well.

The approximate prices of dog grooming services are listed below:

  • Nail trimming and buffing – $15 to $20
  • Nail trimming – $10 -to $15
  • Teeth brushing – $10 to $15
  • Breath Refresh – $5 to $10
  • Ear cleaning – $10 to $15
  • Full Service for small dogs – $40 to $50
  • Full Service for large dogs – $75 to $95

Prices may vary depending on the size and variety of American Bully. Also, if you opt for a full-service groom, the cost per service will likely reduce.

Dog Accessories

Some dog accessories are purely cosmetic for the owner to look trendy, others are however important to protect your dog from the elements.

Examples of dog accessory costs are listed below:

  • Hoodie – $30 to $50
  • Jacket – $40 to $60
  • Bandana – $10 to $15
  • Bows – $5 to $10
  • Raincoat – $30 to $35

Especially in winter, some of these accessories help keep your dog warm and cozy.

Dog Training

Dog training should happen as early as possible to ensure your dog learns good habits and obedience from an early age. Most trainers recommend early training and socialization to give your Bully a solid foundation.

Many learn dog training techniques themselves to save costs. Great resources are available in books or online. However, those who can’t commit the time required to learn training techniques will consider a dog trainer.

Dog training classes can be conducted either in a group or a private setting.

Group dog training classes will vary from $40 to $80 per class. Private classes are more expensive and can range from $50 to $150 per class.

Most training providers will offer packages where you can get a bundle of classes to reduce costs. You should consider these offers as a way to save costs.

Health Issues

The American Bully is a healthy dog breed so provided you looked after your Bully well and purchase from a reputable breeder, you hopefully won’t encounter any major health issues.

That said, American Bullies can often suffer from issues such as eye, heart, or skin problems as well as hypothyroidism and joint dislocations.

Health Issues American Bully

Treatment for these issues will incur significant costs, with the average prices for treatments varying between clinics. The breed variety and severity of the issue will also impact the treatment cost.

The average cost of treating common Bully health issues is listed below:

  • Hip Dysplasia – $3000 to $7000
  • Cherry Eye – $300 to $800
  • Cataracts – $2,700 to $4,000
  • Heart problems – $2000 to $7,000
  • Hypothyroidism – $50 to $150
  • Skin problems – $25 to $60

Additional Bully Costs To Consider

Some additional costs which not occur regularly but you should be aware of are discussed below.


This procedure implants a microchip into an American Bully puppy to track your dog if they are lost or stolen.

Reputable breeders will do this activity themselves, but if you decided to do it it’ll cost in the region of $45 to $50.

Travel Costs

If you wish to travel with your Bully abroad, you will need to purchase a pet passport.

The US Pet passport can be gained by having a thorough vet check-up. This process can cost anything between $38 and $1,235.

If don’t want to take your Bully with you on your travels, you’ll likely need to leave them in a dog boarding facility. These facilities can house dogs for long and short periods, costing between $25 and $85 per night.

Dog Licensing

While licensing is not mandatory in all states in the US, some states require it. The cost of a license can range from $16 to $125 and will depend on the dog’s age, breed variety, and health record.

Unfortunately, American Bullies are tarnished with the brush of being potentially dangerous or vicious. This is due to being wrongly compared with Pitbulls. In these states, getting a license is recommended.

Registering an American Bully puppy with the United Kennel Club is $50, while registration with the American Bully Kennel Club is lower at $25.

Dog Sitters And Day Care

If you have to leave your home for a while, considering a dog sitter is a great option as your dog will be more comfortable staying in a familiar environment. Dog sitters typically charge $25 per day to look after your Bully.

If you’re looking for a night sitter, the cost will increase to $85 for a reputable night sitter.

Doggy daycare will range from $15 to $40 per day.

Dog Walkers

Dog walking businesses are increasingly popular as dog owners struggle to give their Bully adequate daily exercise.

Professional dog walking companies can range between $15 and $60 per walk. Typically the length of the walk will affect the cost.

Dog Shows

An optional cost is for owners who wish to enter their American Bully into competitions. Dog shows are opportunities to meet fellow dog owners and for you show off your beautiful Bully in front of an audience.

Dog show participation fees will range from $25 and $35 per show, with more prestigious shows costing more. In addition to the entry fee, you should be wary of the travel expenses you will incur.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has broken down the essential costs you should expect from owning an American Bully.

Given the lifespan of an American Bully, can be up to 12 years, you should anticipate a significant chunk of your household budget is allocated toward the cost and maintenance of your Bully.

While the average cost of purchasing an American Bully is $2,000 to $10,000, you should also expect to spend in the region of $360 per month to cover all basic costs.

This may increase if you wish to employ groomers, walkers, or sitters. This totals $4320 per year and over the lifespan of a Bully can cost up to $51,840.

While some costs are luxuries, many costs are essential for you to keep on top off. Quality health care, diet, and maintenance will cost a decent dollar.

We recommend purchasing from a reputable breeder or shelter to support ethical, humane practices but to also save you costs in the long term.


Hi there, my name is Blake and I have an American Bully named Rocky. I fell in love with the breed around ten years ago after seeing some of my friends adopt a Bully. I love the combination of the muscular physique and calm, loyal companionship that the American Bully breed has to offer. My enthusiasm for the breed has led me to train as a dog behavioralist and trainer. Over the last ten years, I have supported many households in raising their American Bully and maximizing the potential of the breed. I’m delighted to share my knowledge and expertise on this site.

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