American Bully Feeding Chart – Bully Puppy Food Chart

If you have recently adopted an American Bully, you will likely be wondering how much to feed an American Bully puppy.

One of the best ways of working this out is by using an American Bully feeding chart which we will present in this article.

American Bully Feeding Chart

Understanding the nutritional needs, food portions, feeding schedule and growth chart is incredibly important for those who adopt an American Bully.

These physically robust, charming dogs need plenty of looking after and one of the best things you can do is to supply them with a balanced diet to support healthy long-term growth. Read on to learn more.

How Much Should An American Bully Puppy Eat?

At four weeks of age, an American Bully puppy is ready to transition from its mother’s milk to solid food. This transition should be managed carefully by providing moist puppy kibble while your pup adjusts.

From the 8 to 12-week mark American Bully puppies should be fully transitioned and can be fed one cup of food four times per day.

How Much Should American Bully Puppy Eat

Be sure to find food that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, while containing at least 30% protein to support bulking. There should also be 20% fat to support the body to break down nutrients.

After 12 weeks, the number of meals can reduce by three per day and the amount of food slowly increases.

American Bully Puppy Feeding Chart

American Bullies tend to gain weight quickly due to their wide body build. You should therefore be careful in managing the portions as the weight gain can escalate quickly.

An American Bully feeding chart is a great way to track the number of your puppy’s needs at various growth stages to ensure your pup reaches a healthy weight.

American Bully Puppies Feeding Chart

The RER (Resting Metabolic Rate) is used to measure the number of calories your dog needs.

RER is calculated by the dog’s weight in Kilograms to the power of ¾ multiplied by 70. For example, if your American Bully weighs 10 Kg, the calculation is 70(10)3/4 = 394. To work out the number of calories required, multiply this figure by two, to get 788 calories.

4-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

At four weeks, the puppy is ready to try solid food. They can quickly eat the solids; therefore, they should be offered small amounts of food to see if they can eat.

If the mother does not have enough milk, the puppy needs a ready-made Formula to ensure they receive the essential nutrients required.

It is advisable to mix ¼ puppy food with ¾ water because they are not able to eat pure food because of their small stomachs. They are still feeding on their mom’s milk at this age level.

6-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

The extra-large puppy is ready to eat by six weeks and can be switched to a proper puppy food diet.

This should be a gradual process because of their small stomachs. It could be beneficial if you increased the ratio of food to water slowly, like more food and less water.

When the puppy gets used to eating this food, now you can give the right amount of food without adding water.

8-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

An eight-week-old puppy is a fully grown-up dog who can be moved into its new home to new owners. They need their food four times a day, and if they are done eating, take away their play to develop good eating habits.

They need ¾ to 1 cup of feed per meal a day. Therefore as a new owner, it is your responsibility to ensure they get the right amount of feed they are used to in the breeder’s home.

You should also decide on an appropriate feeding schedule to ensure you feed at intervals spread out across the day.

American Bullies Puppies Feeding Chart

10-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

By ten weeks of age, the puppy’s food should be 1 cup and given four times a day. Refrain from overfeeding them to ensure your puppy maintains a healthy weight.

By this stage, the routine should be well-established and you should also start to see the eating habits of your pup. Carefully observe which foods they like or dislike so that you can tailor a healthy meal plan to their preferences.

12-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

At 12 weeks, the puppy is enough with 1 cup of meal per feed, but you can reduce the number of meal times to three.

Therefore, with a reduced number of meal times, you can increase the amount of food depending on the puppy’s activity level.

More active puppies will likely have a greater appetite and need more calories compared to more relaxed pups.

6 Months – 12 Months Old American Bully Puppy

During this age, the dog needs to provide three meals daily with five cups of food.

When switching to adult food, the puppy needs to be fazed out slowly; therefore, start with a bowl with mostly puppy food while adding a small amount of adult food, such as 1/3.

Keep increasing the amount of adult food slowly as the puppy tolerates it. If the puppy reacts negatively to the meal, take some time before introducing the following food ratio.

12 Months & Above American Bullies

When the dog is 12 months, they are considered grown-up because they are already in its first year of life. This means they require less food and fewer meals of about three to four cups twice daily.

Factors to consider when feeding your adult American bully are the dog’s size, age, medical conditions, the brand of the dog, and medical conditions.

American Bully Nutritional Needs Explained 

All dogs are unique and will require a bespoke diet plan agreed upon with a vet. For the American Bully breed, however, there are some factors on their nutritional needs that should be considered.

Like all dog breeds, the nutritional needs of your dog will differ depending on its age. However, the key nutrients required in an American Bully diet are explained in the points below.

American Bully Nutritional Needs Explained 


Fats are essential for metabolism and allow proteins to break down well. A good range of fats will also improve appetite, coat shine and production of hormones.


Proteins are a key building block for quality nutrition and should be very present in your Bully’s diet.

Proteins support strong muscle growth to give your American Bully that robust look. Built from amino acids, they are crucial in repairing tissue and supporting body functions. Proteins are found in most American Bully dog foods and raw meat.


Carbohydrates provide a key source of energy, especially for American Bully puppies.

Carbs should not figure too high as a proportion of daily diet as they can lead to being overweight if consumed too regularly. Oats, corn, wheat and barley are good sources of carbs for American Bullies.


Vitamins are key and American Bullies should have Vitamin A and Vitamin E prominent in their diet.

A ensures a healthy coat and skin while E gives a strong immunity boost. These vitamins are commonly found in fresh fruit and vegetables.


Minerals including potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and chloride are the key minerals which should feature in an American Bullies diet.

These minerals each have properties that support growth and an improved immune system.


Fiber is crucial for smooth digestion, including fiber in the diet is an easy way to prevent constipation.

Feeding Times And Frequency For Your American Bully

During the puppy stage, you will feed your American Bully four times a day in the initial weeks and this will reduce to three times per day from 12 weeks to 6 months. During adulthood, you can feed them twice a day.

You should work out ideal feeding times based on your work and household schedule.

Feeding Times And Frequency For Your American Bullies

The feeding times should also be nicely spread across the day to avoid your pup becoming too hungry or too full, as this can affect blood sugar levels.

You may consider a routine of feeding around 7 am before work, then another feed for lunch between 1 pm and 2 pm and then a final feed between 7 pm to 8 pm.

The amount of food you provide in each session will differ depending on the growth stage and appetite. To support digestion and overall hydration, give your American Bully fresh water with each meal.

Should You Feed Your American Bully Kibble Or Wet Dog Food?

Both dry kibble and wet foods have their benefits for American Bully puppies.

Dry foods such as kibble are great for encouraging your puppy to chew which can also help prevent health issues such as periodontal issues or tartar.

Dry food is also affordable and straightforward to portion up giving you the certainty of the amounts your pooch is being fed.

Should You Feed Your American Bully Kibble Or Wet Dog Food

Wet foods are also great for puppies as they contain some health benefits that dry food cannot provide.

For example, the moisture content of wet food can support pup hydration, especially if they’re not keen on drinking water. Wet foods can be pleasing to eat as they have more flavour and aromas.

How And When To Switch From Puppy Food To Adult Food 

American Bullies can transition to adult food between the age of 12 to 18 months.

The transition should be managed carefully to ensure your pup maintains its appetite and does not incur any shocks to the system.

Initially, you can add a small portion of adult food to a portion of puppy food, up to one-third. For a few weeks, you can start to increase the amount of adult food as your puppy starts to tolerate it.

If you notice your pup not taking to the adult food well, it may be too early so take a step back and try again a few weeks down the line.

What To Do If Your American Bully Puppy Doesn’t Want To Eat?

What To Do If Your American Bully Puppy Doesn't Want To Eat 

First, you should try to work out the underlying cause of why your American Bully puppy is refusing to eat. This will then shape how you react.

If your puppy only briefly loses appetite over a day or two before going back to normal with other signs of illness, your puppy is likely absolutely fine.

If the loss of appetite stretches for over three days without any signs of improvement, it is best to visit the vet as soon as possible.

The vet may recommend a few measures such as a special diet designed to boost the immune response and overall level of nutrients.

If behavioral issues are the cause of not eating, you should develop a regular feeding pattern and reduce the number of treats to get them in sync with a feeding routine.

Is it Possible To Free Feed An American Bully?

For American Bullies, free feeding is not recommended as the breed typically works better with a strict feeding routine.

While free feeding can be convenient for households as they manage the day, it can encourage weight gain due to constant, unrestricted access to food.

A feeding schedule will also help with in-house training to ensure your Bully pup is the best household companion possible.

Is A Raw Diet Healthy For An American Bully Puppy?

Raw Diet For An American Bully Puppy

A raw diet for an American Bully includes foods such as:

  • Raw meat
  • Ground or whole bone
  • Raw eggs
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, and
  • Dairy products.

For many households, a raw diet is considered healthy for an American Bully due to the concentration of high-quality ingredients with no additives.

A raw diet also replicates the diets of the breed’s ancestry. While some vets may differ on the benefits of a raw diet for specific dogs, it is widely acknowledged that a raw diet has the following benefits:

Promotes a healthy coat – raw food supports stronger hair follicles which enables American Bullies to have smooth, short coats.

Increased energy – raw foods provide access to protein and healthy fats which enable American Bullies to have better energy.

Improved muscular development – known for being a muscular breed, these characteristics are strengthened through protein-rich raw foods.

A raw food diet can however increase the risk of harmful bacteria intake, increase the choking risk when fed on bones and also give your dog a higher fat content.

Consult your vet for the best advice tailored to your puppy’s needs.

How Much Do American Bullies Puppies Grow Each Week? 

How Much Do American Bullies Puppies Grow Each Week

Due to the American Bully genetic makeup, it can be very easy for your pup to gain weight so we recommend you weigh it on weekly basis and track the weight gain or loss.

It can be difficult to tell the expected weekly weight gain as each dog can vary greatly. However, the following weights may help with weekly expectations.

At four weeks, an American Bully can weigh between 4 and 9 pounds, and this increases to 8 to 23 pounds at eight weeks. By 12 weeks, the weight can range from 15 to 45 pounds and 20 to 65 pounds by four months.

Should You Feed An American Bully Puppy Supplements? 

Supplements can be added to the diet of an American Bully pup to support muscle growth and overall health.

American Bully supplements typically include a range of vitamins, nutrients and proteins to boost muscle mass. Before giving your dog any supplements run it by the vet first.

How Much Water Should An American Bully Puppy Drink? 

The amount will vary from puppy to puppy, however, a general rule is that an American Bully puppy can consume 0.5 to 2 ounces of water per pound of its weight.

Depending on whether your puppy is unwell or dehydrated, the amount of water consumed may differ.

Keep a record of your puppy’s dietary habits so you can quickly spot if their behavior, such as drinking more water, is out of the ordinary. If this is the case, visit a vet immediately for a check-up.

People Food That American Bullies Can And Can’t Eat

People Food That American Bullies Can And Can't Eat

Many people foods are perfectly healthy for an American Bully to consume, however, others should be avoided where possible as they can lead to health issues.

Below we list some people foods your American Bully CAN and CAN’T consume.

Good People Food

  • Cooked chicken – this is a common ingredient in many commercial dog foods so is perfectly reasonable to add it as extra protein to your dog’s meal.
  • Peanut butter – a great source of protein and healthy fats, PB can give your Bully extra energy in the day. Choose unsalted, raw peanut butter to avoid substances such as xylitol.
  • Low-fat cheese – assuming your dog is not lactose intolerant, low-fat cheese such as cottage cheese can provide a great treat. Monitor closely their reaction before giving a larger amount.
  • Salmon – providing a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can support greater coat health and shine as well as boost immunity.
  • Pumpkin – provides a great source of vitamin A and fiber. Pumpkin also improves digestive issues and allows the GI tract to keep moving.
  • Apple slices – high in vitamins A, C and fiber, apple slices are an easy and cheap people food to give your pup. The moisture can help clean your dog’s teeth and freshen the breath.

Bad People Food

  • Chocolate – while it is a desired human treat, chocolate contains methylxanthines which is a harmful substance that can stop the metabolic process in dogs and can prove fatal.
  • Onions – containing properties that can cause anemia, onions cannot be fed to your Bully.
  • Avocados – while a healthy fruit for humans, contains persin acid which is toxic for dogs.
  • Grapes and raisins – should never be consumed by American Bullies as they can cause kidney failure.
  • Alcohol – although it is highly unlikely you would consider offering your dog some booze, be aware of dropped cans of beer or glasses of wine on the floor as even the smallest dose can cause damage to the nervous system and diarrhoea.
  • Cooked bone – raw bone is great for dogs to chew on but avoid giving them a cooked bone. Cooked bone can easily splinter causing constipation. In the worst case, perforation of the gut can lead to fatality.
  • Artificial sweetener (Xylitol) – this sugar replacement instigates an insulin release in human bodies but for dogs, it can cause hypoglycemia which can lead to blood clots and liver failure.


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