American Bully Bloodlines

The growth in popularity of the American Bully has led to them being bred increasingly often.

As a result, breeders and households are increasingly interested in American Bully bloodlines so they can breed or adopt a dog of great lineage.

American Bully Bloodlines

The breed was first recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club and since its certification has four recognized varieties: Standard, Classic, Pocket and XL.

Despite their domineering appearance, American Bullies are known for their calm and loyal temperament, making them fantastic pets.

In this article, we will outline the best-known bloodlines of the American Bully, to give you some insight into the varieties out there. Each bloodline has its ancestry and characteristics to consider.

Best Known American Bully Bloodlines

Understanding American Bully bloodlines is key to understanding more about the breed and the varieties available. Below we present the top 10 best American Bully bloodlines which have various specialisms.

Best Known American Bully Bloodlines

1. Kurupt Bloodline

The Kurupt bloodline is renowned in the US for producing freakishly large dogs. These dogs can appear intimidating but in reality, are lovable with a great personalities.

Of the best-known breeders of the Kurupt bloodline is Bossy kennels which is the top XXL Bully producer in the US. The bloodline also caters well for giant and XL Bullies.

Ancestors of the Kurupt bloodline were Pitbull fighters dating hundreds of years. The modern-day Kurupt bloodline dogs are much larger.

The history of the bloodline is largely unknown but the most famous dog of the bloodline is The Panic, a giant American Bully with a 27-inch head.

The Panic specimen is primarily used in the bloodline and features significantly in the marketing and selling power of the bloodline.

In terms of breeding ethics, the Kurupt bloodline has a strong reputation. However, due to the overwhelming size of the dogs produced by the bloodline, many don’t accept the dogs produced as authentic American Bullies. This has led to some reluctance among prospective adopters to use the bloodline.

More information about the bloodline is available on the Kurupt Bloodline Facebook page.

2. Razors Edge

Razor Edge Bullies are the most common globally thanks to the work of Dave Wilson. Dave began breeding American Bulliers before the breed was officially recognized and due to his committed hard work, he has overseen Razor Edge becoming one of the top kennels for the American Bully breed.

The breeding work focused on creating dogs with athleticism and strength that can work well for catching games. He successfully bred Pitbull Terriers but a ban came in place which ruined his plans for expanding the breed.

Through genetic experimentation, Dave wanted to create a breed that contained more Bully traits compared to Terrier traits and this led to the creation of the Razor Edge bloodline.

The Razor Edge bloodline is characterized by a strong, thick posture with XL and XXL American Bully kennels typically using this bloodline for breeding.

As Razor Edge is so popular, there is an active online community accessible via social media. You can use these platforms to contact them directly to get in touch with a breeder using the bloodline.

3. Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline

This bloodline was created by Richard Barajas and is now hugely popular worldwide. Richard’s first dog had died so he purchased another one from Grey Line Kennels in 1997, curiously named Notorious Juan Gotty.

The appearance of this dog was muscular and chunky which led to the creation of Gottiline Pitbulls.

After starting to breed from Gotty, the Gottiline bloodline grew quickly to fame in the US and has since reached Canada, Japan and China. The Gootiline bloodline aims to produce bulky Pitbulls.

Gottiline Pitbulls are known for being used in sporting activities due to their strength in pulling weights.

The dogs from this bloodline look like they are not for the faint-hearted. They appear fierce and intimidating. While this is true for their appearance, their temperament is calm and friendly meaning they are endearing to households.

In terms of features, Gottiline Pitbulls are stockier and shorter compared to the traditional Pitbull bloodline, looking more like a Mastiff or Bulldog. They are characterized by broad cheeks and heads and a widely sprung chest.

Best Known American Bully Bloodline

4. Remyline Bloodline

Derived from the Razors Edge bloodline in 2004, the Remyline bloodline has a solid reputation for producing great quality dogs. This bloodline is highly coveted by American Bully fans.

Developed by Fabian Chester, he took a male called Remy Martin from Razor’s Edge and a Pitbull Terrier female called Bella to breed. Funnily enough, there was no intention to create a new bloodline but it rather happened organically.

The product of Remy Martin and Bella turned out so perfect that there became a huge demand for its semen, hence the creation of the Remyline.

To show you the growth of this organic creation, there are over 1,000 dogs derived from the Remyline bloodline in the US.

The demand continues to grow for Remyline as the majority of American Bully Kennels queue up to get access to the bloodline semen.

As this is a smaller-scale bloodline, all dogs bred from the bloodline are created from the same male, ensuring a consistent look and temperament.

Some breeders try to create their Remyline by breeding from a Razor Edge Bully. Get in touch with a breeder from this bloodline to learn more.

5. Colby Pitbull Bloodline

If you are after XL or XXL bloodlines for an American Bully, the Colby Pitbull bloodline is one to consider.

With over 100 years of traceable lineage, dogs from this bloodline are known for their intense sporty endeavors and sheer strength. They are however less calm compared to other bloodlines used to breed American Bullies.

The fierce appearance is very much matched by a fierce temperament. Dogs from the Colby Pitbull bloodline are not suited to being household pets but rather as sports dogs.

The bloodline is bred with great popularity in the US. Their appearance differs from the Pitbull by having longer, muscular legs and bigger overall size.

6. Bully Camp Line

The Bully Camp bloodline is known for being derived from the famous Mr Miagi. Top of the bill for the bloodline, Miagi is more exotic compared to other bloodlines and is a 50:50 split between Razors Edge and Bully Camp.

Created by Jorge Soto who is somewhat of an online influencer, the Bully Camp line also has King Giagi and Lemon Drop who derive from the original Mr Miagi.

The Bully Camp bloodline is most famous for its distinctive head shape which matches the aggressive-looking eyes with a stocky, wide shape.

Bully Camp bloodline dogs are also known for their wide-body structure and well-defined features. Due to the near-perfect complexion and physique, the bloodline is hugely popular across the world, with high demand for Mr Miagi puppies.

Mr Miagi has a cult following and is known for being the origin of the exotic American Bully bloodline. The exact look appearance of Mr Miagi has been cloned to ensure others can benefit from the traits.

Follow Jorge Soto on social media to get the latest updates on access to the bloodline.

7. Golden Line

Golden Line produces some of the best-loved American Bullies in the US. The kennels using the bloodline are famous for producing a variety of breeds.

One of the best-known breed varieties using Golden Line is the XL American Bully. However, many others work on both the pocket and micro-sized Bullies.

The Northwest Gold Line is the most famous kennel for producing the Golden bloodline. The kneel is known for producing smaller dogs and is based in Oregon.

Northwest Gold Line is an enthusiastic family breeder committed to producing the best quality American Bullies from the golden line. The most striking characteristic of Golden bloodline Bullies is their thick bone structure. The short, stocky body structure makes them highly sought-after.

Golden bloodline Bullies are remarkably calm and amenable temperament which is great for producing a household companion. While the small size of the dogs is also great for those living in apartments with limited outdoor space.

The signature Golden Line stud is Sancho who has a great following. He is known for his particularly wide and thick body.

The Best Known American Bully Bloodline

8. Kingpin Line

The Kingpin bloodline is widely regarded for perfecting the Bully traits of an adorably calm personality with a fierce look. This look is hard to come by but the Kingpin delivers.

Bullies from the Kingpin bloodline are rather more docile than other bloodlines. Their passive personality is not angered by much, so they make great companions no matter whether you’re living in a small apartment or a spacious house.

The Kingpin bloodline is also known for being great with kids and human company more generally, so rest assured the fierce look won’t be matched with a fierce temperament.

The bloodline has been in existence for many decades and was founded by Mr J Lomeli. Lomeli is a highly ethical Bully breeder and has a positive reputation across the globe. You can follow him on social media to get the latest updates on the bloodline.

Through contacting the breeder specifically, you can also get access to the semen of the studs produced by this highly acclaimed American Bully breeder.

9. Edge of Gottiline

While many opt for large, muscular dogs as household companions, many others prefer a petite, mini-size dog to have by their side and be easily transportable.

The Edge of Gottiline breeder is a specialist in producing smaller-sized American Bullies for households to enjoy.

The characteristic most associated with this bloodline is their short and wide Pitbull bodies. Additionally, Edge of Gottiline dogs has wide, blocky heads, broad chest, low stance and thick bones.

In terms of temperament, Edge of Gottiline puppies is loving, loyal and calm which makes them highly prized, companions.

The best-known stud Pitbulls derived from the Edge of Gottiline kennel include Victoria, Bullseye and Sour Apple. The breeder is focused on creating a line of American Bullies suited to the demands of the modern world.

Edge of Gottiline is very accessible only so track them on social media for more information.

10. Nakamoto Bullies

Nakamoto Bullies is a breeder known for producing exotic varieties of American Bullies.

Residing in Southern California, the kennel is named after Jack Nakamoto who is the son of the family. The family business initially focused on breeding Pitbulls in the 1980s before turning to American Bullies in 2010.

Since starting to produce American Bullies, the Nakamoto family have incorporated family values into their breeding program to produce highly sought, exotic American Bullies.

Based on the 60-acre plot the Nakamoto family have an open-door policy to any visitors wanting to make the trip. The primary parents of the breeding program are a pedigree Nakamoto Bully and a stud named Karate Kid derived from the Bully Camp Line.

The exotic nature of the bloodline is in high demand globally, with dogs regularly shipped around the world. The bloodline is reliable and ethical as they use methods certified by vets to ensure the Bullies produce are both healthy and top pedigree.

Contact the Nakamoto family online through social media to get the latest information on their kennel.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you insightful information on the American Bully bloodlines and some kennels where these bloodlines are available.

Given the huge growth of the breed, there may be a wide range of quality available. Having a grasp of the bloodlines is therefore important when you are looking at kennels and breeders.

Bloodlines will prioritize certain characteristics of the American Bully for different purposes.

Whether it be the large body size, head shape, aggressive or calm temperament, there is an American Bully bloodline that will specialize in the characteristics you must prefer.

Ethics is another crucial factor. Some bloodlines may be the result of illegal breeding practices so you should look at the breeder’s record to see if they have certification or vet-approved practices. You can also check to see if the bloodline has an online following to see if they are legitimate.


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